Up All Night

NBC (ended 2012)





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  • With the spectre of mid life crisis in sight for generation X...'Up All Night' is like a straight shot of novicaneright inthe brain.


    I've been a fan of Christina Appelgate ever since 'Married with Children' and 'Up All Night' is by far the most low key and toned down thing I've seen her in to date. This show tries to be smart and sophisticated in a low key kind of way and it succeedes in this respect just a little too well for it's own good. Now that generation X is progressing well into the mystical land of mid-life crisis, I can understand how the producers are making the attempt to capitalize on this. They've done the job just a little two well for my taste. It is by turns almost, but not quite funny...almost, but not quite endearing. Seems to lack the zip or the little something special to keep me watching on a regular basis. It made my brain feel the way my face feels just after a visit to the dentist. Itmight havesome appeal for 30-40 year oldcareer establishedtypes out there who may be pondering the question; "What's next in life for me?", but I'm past that stage in life now, and 'Up All Night' left me a little numb..,.

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