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Up Pompeii

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Welcome to the Up Pompeii guide at TV.com. In the vein of and following in the footsteps of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum", this bawdy, risque, and hilarious British Comedy is rife with one liners, innuendos, and double entendres, and was the perfect comedy for Britain's mad comedian Frankie Howerd. From his attempt to begin each show with "The Prologue" to his final "Saluté", what occurs in-between is pure Frankie Howerd. The cast around him are his props and his role as the slave Lurcio was one of his finest roles, played to comedic perfection. The series takes place in Pompeii, before the eruption of Vesuvius of course, and relates the day to day trials and tribulations of our star, the slave Lurcio played by Frankie Howerd. The innuendo's begin at once with the names of the characters in the series. Lurcio is slave to philandering Senator Ludicrus Sextus, a rather befuddled senator that is often at odds with both his wife and common sense. His sexy wife Ammonia is forever involving Lurcio in some deed that he needs to keep secret from his master or one that could result in poor Lurcio losing more than just his tunic. Their two children, Erotica and Nausius complicate our poor hapless slaves life even further. If someone needed to be the fall guy, go to jail, be caught in a compromising situation, or some other thankless job, poor Lurcio seems to have been everyone's first choice. Each episode was kept fresh by new and unusual characters showing up with such revealing and evocative names as Ambi Dextrus, Biggia, Bumshus, Felonius, Hernia, James Bondus, Pussus Galoria, Lecherous, Lusha, Mucas, Nefarius, Nymphia, Noxius, Odius, Ponderous, Procuria, Prodigius, Spurios, Tittia, Verminus, Villanus, Voluptua, and many, many more. And, many of the actors and actresses who played these roles went on to fame on other British Comedies. In fact, a good many of the stars of the series "Are You Being Served" can be seen in the various episodes of "Up Pompeii." From Senna the Soothsayer's wild predictions to Nausius' strange poetry, every episode was hilarious from beginning to end and has lost none of it's comedic impact over the years, seeming to have aged to perfection like a fine old wine or and expensive cognac. Luckily, the series survives on video and can be purchased through many locations in both NTSC and PAL formats. The pilot episode entitled "Up Pompeii" aired in September of 1969, with the series beginning to air in March of 1970. The first season consisted of seven episodes, and the second series had six with the series ending in October 1970. In 1971, "Up Pompeii" was made into a movie. There were also two specials, the first of which "Further Up Pompeii!" aired in March of 1975 and the second, also called "Further Up Pompeii" aired in December 1991. In April of 1992, Frankie Howerd entered a British hospital complaining of respiratory problems. Sadly, he passed away on Easter Sunday, 1992.moreless
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  • Ok....I am an old fan of Up Pompeii and have been searching for the song used in a old episode of Up Pompeii ...

    Ok....I am an old fan of Up Pompeii and have been searching for the song used in a old episode of Up Pompeii ... it was the song used for the death scene of Shane. It was when Him and her were at the lookout and He died in her arms...if anyone can save my hair from anymore pulling out of frustration i would be greatly appreciative.
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