Up Pompeii

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 12, 1970 on BBC

Episode Recap

Lurcio tries to tell the story of Samson and Delilah as the prologue of this episode. Before he can finish it, Ammonia asks his help to throw her rejected lover Dextrus Secundus out. Then Senna interrupts with a prediction about the dangerous union of a man and a woman.

Nausius is quite happy as he has fallen in love with Nymphia, a girl who will meet the family later that day. The young man wants to marry the girl and so Ammonia orders Lurcio to explain the facts of life to Nausius. When Lurcio meets Nymphia, he is suprised by her vulgar behaviour. Ludicrus Sextus is shocked to find out that he met Nymphia once before in a shady nightclub. Ammonia recognizes the girl as the daughter of Dextrus Secundus. Both order Lurcio to sabotage the relationship between Nausius and Nymphia.

At first Lurcio tells Nymphia that Nausius is quite a sadist, but the girl seems to be excited about it. His next plan is to make the girl switch to a richer suitor. He disguises himself as an eastern potentate and requests to see Nymphia. She seems interested in him and he asks her to put on a striptease act, hoping that Nausius will witness this and be put off. Unfortunately it's Dextrus Secundus who walks in, discovering that his daughter is behaving lewdly. Lurcio has to flee.

At home Nausius informs Lurcio that he won't marry Nymphia after all. He's found out that she is a vegetarian!