Up the Garden Path

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 09, 1990 on ITV

Episode Recap

Izzy and Maria are in the staffroom making coffee. Maria chastises her for having a relationship with a married man. Dick enters the room, but leaves when he realises that Izzy is not alone. Izzy tells Maria that she and Dick had sex to move the conversation away from her relationship with a married man. When Dick gets Izzy alone, he tells her that he is in love with her. Izzy tries to let Dick down gently but, eventually and in desparation, she says that she is secretly engaged to someone else - somebody very famous and important. Izzy hints that the man is a member of the royal family!

Izzy takes an English class. A pupil tells Izzy about a girl boasting about having a credit card, which this pupil then stole. She was Izzy to give the card back to a senior teacher who has been informed about the theft. The class convince Izzy to pass the card on without telling the truth about how she got it. Izzy daydreams about Michael. Mr Griffiths enters the room looking for Razors. Izzy hands the credit card over to him, claiming that she found it in the corridor. The class cheer. The fire alarm sounds. Izzy panics whilst the class remain calm and file out.

Izzy lounges on the sofa at home, comfort-eating. She daydreams that a newsreader on the television reads a story about her death, with a service held at which her colleagues, class and Michael attend. The telephone rings. Michael tells her that his wife is away for the weekend, so he can spend some time with Izzy. She is very haapy with the news and changes hurriedly.

Izzy and Michael are in bed. Michael reminds her that he has agreed to decorate his house whilst his wife is away. Izzy offers to help him. The doorbell rings. Michael panics. The visitor is persistant. Izzy eventually answers the door after getting some clothes on. Michael hides. The visitor has, however, left before Izzy got to the door. The telephone rings. It is Maria. She is crying as she has left Gwyn. Izzy invites her to come straight over. Michael is clearly unhappy that their weekend has been ruined. Michael urges Izzy to resolve Maria's situation quickly so that they can salvage the weekend. Maria arrives after Izzy and Michael have made the bed. Maria has her suitcases with her. Michael introduces himself to Maria as "Charlie". He leaves. The telephone rings. It is Dick, still treading the same ground with Izzy as earlier. Dick thinks "Charlie" is Prince Charles, and that the prince is Izzy's mysterious fiance!

Maria apologises for ruining Izzy's day once they are alone. Maria believes that Gwyn has been cheating on her with two of her friends and a girl at the local fish and chip shop!