Upright Citizens Brigade

Season 2 Episode 8

Big City

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Aug 09, 1999 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Urbane intellectual: Why don't you go visit the Statue of Liberty like the rest of the tourists?
      Redneck: Good God man, I've been trying to avoid the long stare of that cold bitch's metal eyes all day.

    • Prostitute: Hey baby, want a handjob?
      Rich man: Hand... job? I've never had a job before. I want to work, let me work!

    • Helpful man: You think you're too fat for me to carry, don't you? Heck, you're a little wide in the hips, but that's God's gift when you're givin' birth.

    • Urbane intellectual: What's wrong with mineral water?
      Redneck: Nothin', if you're a rockman, who lives in the molten lava depths of the earth, only to occasionally ascend to try to dwell among us decent Americans.

    • Prostitute: I will not suck a double-head dildo on a hovercraft.
      Manager: That's insane.
      Prostitute: I know, that's why I won't do it!

  • Notes

    • Guests at the party include:
      Big Red Cat (from the Hospital episode), and the man-eatings Ingrets and the colour-blind girl (from The Real World episode)

    • The prostitute talks about scoring some supercool, a drug later featured in the Supercool episode.

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