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  • Season 1
    • Bucket of Truth
      Episode 1
      The UCB places a bucket of truth into a suburban home being shown to an upper class family. The realtor shows off the hot chicks room which is also inside the house. Captain Lounatic, an overpassionate police officer, curses the elusive Bong Boy, a stoner who is repeatedly sighted at the scenes of human tragedy. The captain also mourns over the loss of his wife, who used to dance for him. The husband purchases the home because of the hot chicks room, while the wife tries to find Cassie, their missing daughter. While searching for Cassie, Cpt. Lounatic tries to arrest Bong Boy, but must leave to foil a bank robbery. Cassie befriends the real Unibomber while selling cookies door to door. A friend of the family looks into the bucket of truth and runs screaming into the hot chicks room, followed by the father who just bought the house. Cpt. Lounatic runs in the house looking for Cassie, and the mother looks into the bucket of truth and runs screaming through the neighborhood. Cassie and the Unibomber come home to find Lounatic, and then a shootout begins. Bong Boy arrives and accidentally spills bong water on a bomb, saving the day.moreless
    • 8/26/98
      The flower girl has troubles during the rehearsal of couple 223's wedding. A meeting at the self-help group the ugly club turns sour. "Maybe your not an ugly human being, but a good looking ape." Antoine goes to a park to demonstrate his new UnCommon Backrub(UCB) which includes rubbing the chest and groin. The Story of the Toad who left bread crumbs in the forrest so he could find his way back. The toad runs into one of his friends Harry the Hornless Unicorn.moreless
    • Power Marketing
      Episode 3
      The Upright Citizens Brigade controls Alan Greenspan during his "State of the Economy" speech, in an attempt to change the national currency to "Oak Leaves", but Greenspan throws the speech. "Power Marketing" siminars try to push people into having "New Brains" which are "powerful, explosive, and a real competitor." "Power Marketing" also features Astronaut Mike Berchwood from the "Saigon Suicide Squad" episode. Next, we discover "Hendley Architecture", the architectural firm that exists in an entirely open woodland, or, as they claim, a building designed with "Hyper Minimalism." Cut's back to the same "Power Marketing" speech as before. Now, we're shown a golf game between an advertising executive who is looking for success tips, and his brother. His brother advises him to stick every penny he gets up his ass, and then spend it, so he has the edge in any situation, since everyone is handling pennies which have been up his ass. Moves back to "Power Marketing" and the new brain you can have for only "$800 Dollars A Day!" Golfers invade the "Hyper Minimalist" architectural firm's building, and has a bout with security. Meanwhile, pirates inspired by the "Power Marketing" siminar's new brain philosophy attempt to bury treasure in the executive lounge, and the "Power Marketing" siminar invades the conference room.moreless
    • 9/9/98
    • Poo Stick
      Poo Stick
      Episode 5
      Opens with "Food Torture Films" ... animals being kept away from food which they desire. A-1 Protection Palace sells the brand new "Poo Stick" for personal protection. Casting for "Cats: The Movie", an independant short which is funded by crazed "Mini-Movies." Video Store Attendant terrorized by a customer who has never seen a movie in his life, but claims he is in every movie in the store. Meanwhile, the "Mini-Movie" man is terrorized by the same woman over and over, since she has paid to insult him. Automatic "Poo Sticks" are on their way to the streets. Next, Disney is in search for a new songwriter. The man they find can only make up nonsensical songs which contain no real words. The crazed video store customer attempts to destroy an original reel of "Out Of Africa" to win his million dollar bet, and in the end attacks the videostore guy with a "Poo Stick." Disney declares itself an independant state and finishes up with a big musical number. The "Mini-Movie" man continues to be plagued by the same rude customer, and encounters his first "Poo Stick."moreless
    • Saigon Suicide Show
      In an effort to spread unity and understanding, the Upright Citizen's Brigade host the "Saigon Suicide Squad" a dangerous stunt variety act. When the "Saigon Suicidie Squad" doesn't show up, they are forced to improvise, and end up causing more hatred than good. Show includes: Astronaut Predjeduce, an apology to all Jews, and the "Hong Kong Danger Duo."moreless
    • Lady of the Lake
      Lady of the Lake
      Episode 7
      Fraternity boy Blaine catches the Lady of the Lake while fishing. He then sleeps with her, and then quickly dumps her. Jim has a rough first day of work in the kitchen with a demanding boss and coworkers willing to defend him at any cost. The Upright Citizens Brigade foils an assassination attempt of Blaine a rally to stop girls from getting men drunk and making them do their homework.moreless
    • Time Machine
      Time Machine
      Episode 8
    • Cyborgs
      Episode 9
      The Upright Citizens Brigade repairs their cyborgs, which include Dennis Rodman, Robert Redford, and Mariah Carey. / An advertising firm has a meeting to try and figure out who has been embezzling money. / Camp Kalterman kids are held at bay for stealing the "Bug Juice" and are asked to come forward and ask Jesus for forgiveness. / A Cyborg places a video ad with a dating service in an attempt to pick up human women. / Antoine is accused of being a Cyborg, and Trotter is stranded on Satellite Skippy. / A woman in a cafe offends everyone by reading her "Secret Diary" at the top of her lungs, and accuses people of being gay. / Mid-Atlantic Airline Pilot Training, and "Last Moments" Techniques, to teach pilots how to keep their cool when crashing. / Cyborgs blow up in series like Christmas lights.moreless
    • Little Donny Foundation
      Learn about Little Donny, his condition, his life, and the Little Donny Foundation. Donny suffers from having an enormous penis that he is unaware of. His parents do the best they can raising him despite the condition.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3