Upright Citizens Brigade

Season 2 Episode 1

Master Dialectitian

Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Jun 14, 1999 on Comedy Central



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    • Neighbor: This is a great neighborhood. There aren't any filthy astronauts around here.

    • Sports Guy: The greatest cross-species bout ever: 1980. Sea World. Roberto Duran, the man with the hands of stone, is lowered into a tank of water, where he proceeds to demoralize and knock out an entire school of hungry piranha.

    • Sports Guy: Thomas Edison versus Nicholas Tesla, DC versus AC. The night before Tesla demonstrates his AC electricity, Edison sneaks into Tesla's lab and severs his vocal cords. The next morning, Tesla tries to explain his electricity through mime - the crowd rushes the stage - eats him. DC wins.

    • Doctor: Mrs. Graham, that baby is like a gazelle on supercool.

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