Upright Citizens Brigade

Comedy Central (ended 2000)


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  • One of the best sketch comedy shows to come along in the last twenty years

    Upright Citizens Brigade was on for three seasons on Comedy Central but it seemed like it was on for much shorter than that. I never saw the first season when it originally aired but luckily I caught it in reruns. I got hooked on the series during the second season and found myself cracking up at just how far these four comedians would go for a laugh. It seemed like each episode was original and unique but at the same time they all fell into the same pattern of comedic gold. I laughed hard at each new episode and find myself still laughing pretty hard when I rewatch them now. That's hard for most sketch comedy shows to do but this one does it flawlessly.

    The actors in the series were all diehard comedians that shared a guerilla style of comedy. After each episode they would take their comedy to the masses and use hidden cameras to do stuff they had done in the episode, only when they were in the real world they frequently came across unexpected reactions. People would get angry or upset with them but that was the idea, their ideas were so absurd that sometimes they didn't work in the real world at all. This blend of stand-up comedy mixed with reality comedy had never been done before, at least not like this. The Brigade did things in their own way and to the beat of their own drummer and I loved that. I felt like the writing was the key to the show and the acting was a close second. Without the well-written lines, however, the jokes would fall apart. It was clear to me that these comedians were all destined for greatness down the road and we haven't even seen how far they could go. Poehler is now on SNL, a huge step for any comedian. Walsh and Roberts have both appeared on The Daily Show and Besser has been on Reno 911! a few times. They're all branching out and doing what they do best: making people laugh so hard that they spew beverages all over the place.