Upright Citizens Brigade

Comedy Central (ended 2000)


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  • Enemy = Status Quo, Friend = Chaos. With this formula, how can you go wrong?

    The cult followers shout in union, "Bring it back! ...or at least release all the episodes on DVD." OMG what a classic "off the wall" show! This is one that I would consider to be a "stoner" show. Doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but it is VERY fun and entertaining to watch... if you're ready to buy into the story. Basically the Upright Citizens Brigade is a small, secret, "underground" group of misfits that create chaos at every corner of the world, just because they can. Whether it's "baby boxing" or the selling of a fictional drug, "super-cool"... they just want to see chaos bring down the governing powers of the world. A classic, late-night, stoner show I would love to have back... or at least released to DVD (Comedy Central, are you listening?).