Upright Citizens Brigade

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 27, 2000 on Comedy Central
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A new virtual reality workout, Cyberflex, is used. Astronaut Mike Berchwood appears again on his trip to France where hotel employees are in charge of the water, electricity, and tv channel changing. He is also in the middle of an edible panty experiment by NASA and is working in an office where phone calls begin to come in through the coffee machine and faxes come out of the microwave. Then he's stranded in a snowed-in cabin with 3 coworkers, and to pass the time they play a game in which they all say the worst thing they've done to someone else in the room without their knowing. One of the workers admits to Mike that back in the Saigon Suicide Show episode, he took Mike's body to his basement and hooked his brain into a reality matrix (a la The Matrix) and has been raping him from behind for 10 years and feeding him nothing but edible panties. He is saved when someone's Cyberflex program crosses over into his matrix.moreless

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      • Mike the Astronaut: Oh God! None of you are real! Hey, you're not real! I'm getting raped from behind right now!
        Co-worker: (oblivious) Good morning!
        Mike the Astronaut: No! It is NOT a good morning!

      • President: Dear God. I thought edible panties only existed in science fiction novels.
        Press Secretary: Mr. President, I should tell you that women don't call them "panties".
        President: Miss Press Secretary, what do women wear where men wear underwear?
        NASA Scientist: Panties.
        Mike the Astronaut: Panties.
        Press Secretary: Underwear.
        President: Men and women can't wear the same thing, it's impossible. Now, tell me more about these edible panties.

      • Mike the Astronaut: They make me wear panties, and then they make me eat them. (Burp)

      • Cyberflex voice-over: Use your machine gun arm!

      • Mike the Astronaut: I was in a rough place. I wasn't sleeping. Sandy crapped on my floor.

      • French crowd: Viva France! Jerry Lewis!

      • Host of Le Guest Boom Boom: Ha ha, super! I remain the champion! Stupid Robot!
        Mike the Astronaut: French television is bizarre.

      • Press Sectretary: Where does he get his protein?
        NASA Scientist: Edible panties are held together with licorice strings.
        Press Sectretary: Licorice doesn't have protein.
        NASA Scientist: Who are you?
        Press Sectretary: I'm the Press Secretary.
        NASA Scientist: Well then go fetch me some coffee with cream and sugar. (All three men snap their fingers repeatedly)

      • Mike the Astronaut: What's an electric bottom wash?
        French man: Like water, but quicker. We burn it off.

      • French man: American, so rude! "Ah, we own the world; I will wash my own bottom in the bidet."

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