Upright Citizens Brigade

Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:30 PM Mar 27, 2000 on Comedy Central



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    • Mike the Astronaut: Oh God! None of you are real! Hey, you're not real! I'm getting raped from behind right now!
      Co-worker: (oblivious) Good morning!
      Mike the Astronaut: No! It is NOT a good morning!

    • President: Dear God. I thought edible panties only existed in science fiction novels.
      Press Secretary: Mr. President, I should tell you that women don't call them "panties".
      President: Miss Press Secretary, what do women wear where men wear underwear?
      NASA Scientist: Panties.
      Mike the Astronaut: Panties.
      Press Secretary: Underwear.
      President: Men and women can't wear the same thing, it's impossible. Now, tell me more about these edible panties.

    • Mike the Astronaut: They make me wear panties, and then they make me eat them. (Burp)

    • Cyberflex voice-over: Use your machine gun arm!

    • Mike the Astronaut: I was in a rough place. I wasn't sleeping. Sandy crapped on my floor.

    • French crowd: Viva France! Jerry Lewis!

    • Host of Le Guest Boom Boom: Ha ha, super! I remain the champion! Stupid Robot!
      Mike the Astronaut: French television is bizarre.

    • Press Sectretary: Where does he get his protein?
      NASA Scientist: Edible panties are held together with licorice strings.
      Press Sectretary: Licorice doesn't have protein.
      NASA Scientist: Who are you?
      Press Sectretary: I'm the Press Secretary.
      NASA Scientist: Well then go fetch me some coffee with cream and sugar. (All three men snap their fingers repeatedly)

    • Mike the Astronaut: What's an electric bottom wash?
      French man: Like water, but quicker. We burn it off.

    • French man: American, so rude! "Ah, we own the world; I will wash my own bottom in the bidet."

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