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Upside Town/Swingaround

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Upside Town/Swingaround were children's television shows on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) TV network. Upside Town (1968) was a continuation of the 1967 series Barney Boomer, moving the focus from John Clayton's title character to the other residents of Cedarville. Swingaround (1967-1970) was a children's quiz show which originally aired during the final 10 minutes of the Barney Boomer/Upside Town timeslot. It was hosted by Lloyd Robertson in 1968, Trevor Evans in 1969, and Bill Paul until its end in 1970. The show's contestants were Toronto-area students in the seventh grade. In 1968, Swingaround was given its own half-hour slot, and a segment was added where children from other parts of Canada could participate in the quiz via telephone.