Upstairs, Downstairs

Season 2 Episode 2

The Love That Pays The Price

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 2012 on BBC

Episode Recap

When Lady Agnes hears from her doctor that she shouldn't have any more children, she takes stock of her life. Sir Hallam is worried about his sister-in-law Persie, who's living in Germany. Mrs Thackeray looks forward to seeing her nephew Tom again. Tom has come to live in London with his wife Enid and son Cyril, hoping to be a success as an insurance salesman. Mr Amanjit and Blanche Mottershead still fight about the way Lady Maud's papers should be organised.

Sir Hallam is asked to throw a dinner party for Ambassador Joseph Kennedy and the Duke & Duchess of Kent. Mrs Thackeray gets very annoyed when the menu is decided without her input. (She's especially upset by the inclusion of German wine.) Mr Pritchard discovers that Mrs Thackeray orders food from Harrod's and has it delivered at 165 Eaton Place. She explain that she's buying it for her nephew. But when Pritchard sees that she's made macaroons with ingredients from the pantry, he orders her to pay for them.

The dinner is a great success. Joseph Kennedy agrees with Sir Hallam that the Germans shouldn't be trusted. He offers Sir Hallam a job in the USA as his advisor on foreign policy. Kennedy's friend Caspar Landry, the Alka Seltzer millionaire, flirts with Lady Agnes. Kennedy's son John doesn't feel quite well and goes downstairs to get some baking soda. Mrs Thackeray has a nice talk with him. When Mr Pritchard overhears her calling John F. Kennedy, a guest, 'dear', he tells her off. That proves to be the final straw; Mrs Thackeray resigns from her position as cook at 165 Eaton Place and moves in with her nephew.

After the dinner party, the guests go to a nightclub for a few more drinks. Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes ponder about Joseph Kennedy's offer. They seem to want to take up that challenge. But at home they receive a frantic phone call from Lady Persie: the situation in Germany has become too dangerous for her to stay there. Can they help her? Convinced that Hitler hasn't been tamed after all, Sir Hallam decides to stay in Britain to fight the Germans.

Mr Amanjit visits Lotte at her school. The headmistress tells him that Lotte is a lucky child, as she got out of Germany in time. Many Jewish children aren't so lucky. Can Sir Hallam help them as well? She knows of a man who's trying to arrange transport for Jewish refugees, a Mr Silverman.

Mrs Thackeray enjoys cooking for her family, but Tom and Enid worry about the money she is spending, even if it is her own. At 165 Eaton Place the servant try to make up for Mrs Thackeray's absence, without much success. Lady Agnes puts an advertisement in the paper for a new housekeeper. Mrs Thackeray can also apply for her old job again.

Mr Amanjit tries to make peace with Blanche, because he needs her help. Mr Silverman receives so many pleas for help from Germany that he can't handle the paperwork. Someone needs to put some order into all of it, ... and that someone could be Blanche Mottershead. Once Blanche sees the size of the problem, she asks Sir Hallam to put some pressure on the government to allow in more Jewish refugees. Perhaps they can start with children.

Enid gets very angry when Mrs Thackeray takes over the kitchen again. She complains that Mrs Thackeray causes nothing but trouble (and food that's too rich for her taste). Tom confesses that he's not doing very well as an insurance salesman. He's thinking about becoming a taxi driver. Spargo brings Mrs Thackeray a food bill that was accidentally sent to 164 Eaton Place. He also leaves behind a copy of the paper that contains the advertisement.

The government allows more Jewish children to enter the country, on the condition that 50 pounds is put up for each child, as a proof that the child won't become a burden on society. Lady Agnes asks Caspar Landry to contribute.

One night the first group of Jewish children arrive at Liverpool Station. Mr Amanjit and Blanche meet them there. Meanwhile Sir Hallam goes to the aerodrome to pick up Lady Persie whom he has finally rescued from Germany.

Mrs Thackeray returns to 165 Eaton Place. Nobody dares to make a remark about it.

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