Upstairs, Downstairs - Season 3

ITV (ended 1975)




Episode Guide

  • The Sudden Storm
    Episode 13
    Mrs Bridges receives a proposal of marriage. With war brewing in Europe, the servants go on an excursion to the seaside. James's plans for a job in India are changed when the war causes his recall to the army
  • Distant Thunder
    Episode 12
    Georgina is living at Eaton Place and participating in the round of social engagements. Hazel's pregnancy has ended in a miscarriage. James is unable to show his feelings and behaves coldly towards Hazel. His behaviour causes a rift with his father. In the heat of summer tempers are frayed above and below stairs. James escorts Georgina to a dance and confesses to more than friendly feelings towards her.moreless
  • A Perfect Stranger
    Episode 11
    A chance meeting on a tram leads to a proposal of marriage for Rose and a chance to make a new life in Australia.
  • 12/29/73
    January 1914. Butlers, footmen and valets of Belgravia habitually frequent the local pub, The Crown & Anchor. The pub is full when Edward describes to two friends something he witnessed at a country house party. This lands him in trouble.
  • 12/22/73
    Christmas 1913. Lady Southwold arrives at Eaton Place for Christmas with her step-granddaughter the sixteen year old Georgina Worsley. (Georgina is the step-daughter of Hugo, Earl of Southworld, Lady Marjorie's brother. Her mother and step-father died with Lady Marjorie on the Titanic.) A new young housemaid, Daisy Peel, joins the staff. When the naive Georgina suggests that she and Daisy go to visit Daisy's family, they have a frightening experience.moreless
  • The Bolter
    Episode 8
    James takes Hazel to the country for a week-end of fox hunting. Edward and Rose accompany them. Hazel is ill at ease in the society of the other guests. Below stairs Edward's good looks attract the attention of a flirtatious maid. While heading for her bedroom in the middle of the night, he sees Lord Charles Gilmour is also on his way to an assignation. Hazel joins the hunt against James's wishes but is the victim of a cruel prank by Diana Newbury. James is more concerned for his embarrassment than his wife's feelings. When Hazel is led to believe that James is Diana's lover, she has had enough and cuts short the week-end.moreless
  • Word of Honour
    Episode 7
    Richard Bellamy acts on a stock-market tip that he received from a friend. When his shares soar due to the award of a government contract, he is accused of misuse of his parliamentary position. Suspicion is increased because his sense of honour prevents him from revealing the source of the tip. Although he is saved by Hazel and the ever-dependable Hudson, Richard regards their interference as unacceptable.moreless
  • Desirous of Change
    Episode 6
    A widowed foreign countess, who claims to know Richard, is invited to dinner by Hazel. A mutual attraction forms between Richard and this attractive adventuress. Any possibility of marriage is ruled out when they discover each other's true financial circumstances and they reluctantly agree to part. The new maid, Gwyneth, appears very suitable until she forms an unhealthy fascination with her master.moreless
  • Rose's Pigeon
    Episode 5
    When Alfred, formerly footman in the Bellamy household, comes seeking help, Rose hides him below stairs. It turns out he is not just down on his luck, but wanted for murder.
  • A Family Secret
    Episode 4
    James has been secretly courting Hazel Forrest. When he asks her to marry him, she mysteriously refuses.
  • A Change of Scene
    Episode 3
    Hudson accompanies James Bellamy to a country house for a weekend shooting party. Hudson receives a tempting job offer and James renews his acquaintance with a childhood friend, Lady Diana Russell. However, James soon tires of his idle rich friends and finds himself thinking of home.
  • A House Divided
    Episode 2
    In the aftermath of Lady Majorie's death, Hazel Forrest has to take over some of the running of the household. This is a cause of concern for her parents. The house is shocked by a surprise re-appearance.
  • Miss Forrest
    Episode 1
    The action takes place two years after the end of the previous series. James has broken off his engagement and is now working in the city. Elizabeth is now living in North America. Richard has employed a secretary, Miss Forest, to help him in writing a biography of his late father-in-law. When James invites Miss Forest to lunch with him, he comes into conflict with Hudson whose sense of propriety is stretched to breaking point. Lady Majorie and Roberts leave for North America , sailing on the Titanic.moreless