Urban Gothic

Channel Five (ended 2001)


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  • British horror that makes you think! But maybe one for the students.

    I bought the DVD of the 2 seasons out of chance because i seemed to remember watching an episode many years ago, i liked it when i saw it, but i couldn't remember exactly if it was this show or an American one, but after watching "Deptford Voodoo" i instantly recognised it. The first few seconds of the beginning episode "Dead Meat" made me cringe because the acting was a little poor, but later on the action begins and i completely forgot about it and became engrossed in the episode. I ended up watching the entire first series in one day because i wanted to see what stories the writer's would come out with next. Some stories which stood out in my eyes were "Vampirology", "Old Nick", and "Be Movie" - in which a group of unsuspecting teenagers are stuck in a slasher flick where only one will survive. Each 22 minute episode is a gem in itself with sometimes too much information to cram into the timeslot but everytime i watch it i see something else that i didn't notice before, so with every viewing i still get my moneys worth. As i said before, when you see one - you feel the urge to see the rest, so you will need a lot of time availible, which in my eyes it is perfect for students with no work this summer!