Urban Vermin

YTV Premiered Jan 15, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • urban vermin? More like urban crap!

    Title: horrible!

    Theme song: (again) horrible!

    Story: (I watched only a couple of episodes, but I think the story is) a group of idiots fight of a racoon and his army of rats. BORING!

    Art: I like 3D art, but, god! This is just lame and crapy at the same time!

    Characters: There is an annoying workaholic racoon goodguy and his evil clone(well, a twin actually)badguy. There is an even more annoying mole who is completely blind! (Why the hell would you need blind people in your army anyway?) There is a green eyed squirel, who is the ONLY femele in this crapy show(that smells like sexism to me) and a crazy skunk who can't even fart right.

    Humour: err... what humour?

    in conclusion: this show sucks and I'm very satisfied that it has died!