U.S. Of Ant

LOGO Premiered Jun 01, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • A fun show. Easy to watch. A charismatic host and some of the most compelling stories on television.

    Each episode starts with Ant in a different city. The comedian opens each show with a funny skit or stand-up relating to that state or area of the country.

    The the real fun begins...Ant is litterally dropped off in the center of town and has to find the gay scene. Hilarity ensues and just when you think you've laughed your fanny off...Ant finds a way to bring bring it around showcasing the people he meets in a sensitive thoughful way. His inate and intimate knowledge of people really shines here. And that's when he surprises you most. He continues to shine the spotlight on his subjects. I can't tell you how many tv show hosts make everything about them. Ant doesn't seem to have that ego problem and he skillfully allows each and every story to unfold genuiningly caring for the people he meets. And this writer can tell when a tv personality is being real or fake. My opinion? Ant is the REAL DEAL. 5 stars. I say: Watch the U.S of ANT!