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USA (ended 1999)


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  • What happens when you let a group of American teens loose in Paris? Watch and find out! This Peter Engel Production is one of their best as they place an American boarding school in France.

    USA High follows a group of friends who attend an American boarding school, which is situated in France, and share a dorm room. All of the main characters are different in some way or other, different backgrunds, different ethnicities and most of all different personalities. The main characters also include one girl who is the headmasters daughter, which adds some exciting plot twists. The show allows the viewer to see the mischief the students get up to in a foreign city as they form relationships, pull pranks and constantly get into trouble. This show is one of Peter Engel Productions numerous TV shows aimed at teenagers, but of course like many Peter Engel Productions USA High is appealing to a much wider audience.
  • The Suite were the gang shared in at USA High was very Similar to the Suite that the gang stayed in on Saved by the Bell: The College Years, USA High is'nt like any other sitcom from Peter Engel, the setting is at Paris, France at the American Academy.

    The First time i saw USA High on TV was on late at Night, Then i got hooked on show and we've got to find out one Episode that Ashley Elliot's Middle Name was Elizabeth. I'll have to say that Ashley was my Favourite Character on the show and her English Accent stands out in the crowd.
  • I started watching this show by accident.

    I started watching this show by accident. I think I missed the first couple episodes. At first, I thought this was a "Saved By the Bell" episode. Most of the episodes I thought were funny. There was an instance of deja vu. One of the main characters, I believe it was Josh's character, was singing a song that I heard from a similar series (California Dreams.) I loved the song. Then the next season, a new character was added. It was one of the actors from the "California Dreams" series. Personally, I thought they ended the series pretty quick. Overall, It was just good fun.
  • A show about six friends who go to school in Paris, France. Four of them are American (Bobby, Winnie,Lauren, and Josh), one is German (Christian), and the other is British (Ashley). The headmaster of the school is Ashley's father who has a crush on a beau

    I remember this show. I used to watch this all the time. I wouldn't mind seeing this show again. I wouldn't call this show a classic but it was nice to watch when nothing else was on. This show was not everyone's cup of tea but it wasn't half bad. I remember this show when it was on USA channel. Bring it back.
  • Ok so I know it's not to everyone's taste...

    USA High is a TV show which I found really enjoyable (although I am easilly pleased). I can however see why some people may not like it. The acting was at some points a little dodgy as was the script. Still, I enjoyed watching this show even if most others did not!