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A man called Hakuoro arrives in a small village wearing a mask he is unable to remove. He does not remember who he is or where he's from. But when the leader of the village is killed, he puts aside his own troubles to aid the villagers that have taken him in.
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  • A really interesting anime that tells a really good story.

    The plot is about a strange man named Hakuoro who arives injured in a small village with no memory of his past. He is quickly taken in by the village and lives a peacful life until the village is attacked a by a nearby warlord. Thus Hakuoro leads a rebeliion against the warlord and this eventually leads ato a civil war. the show basicly follows Hakuoro as he struggles to improve his adopted country and unlitmately becomes King whilst at the same time he searches for his own past and the meaning to his existance.

    The story is utterly compelling with some great battle scenes and reall development of both the characters and the setting itself. Plus the truth about Hakuoro is really clever. The animation is not as good as other contemporary anime but that doesn't matter too much. All in all it is the plot that keeps you coming back for more.moreless
  • A must see for any hardcore anime fans. This show has everything.

    The story described in this show is simply amazing. It also has an original ending, which reveals so many things about all of the main characters of the show. The story might get a little confusing from time to time, but it is definitely worth watching.

    The animation is superb, especially the battle scenes. And believe me, this show has a lot of action scenes in it; it's surprising how they managed to put so much in a show only 26 episodes long. The characters are great, and each one is different. Most of them, especially the women, have tails or fox ears, which I find it makes them more interesting and pleasant to look at.

    Also the relations between characters are brilliant. Eruru and Hakuoro's "secret" love, Aruru calling Hakuoro dad (even though I think deep inside she knows her father died), Touka's dedication to protect Hakuoro with the price of her life, are only a few examples. One thing that particularly impressed me was the appearance of mechas on the show. Not your modern age robots, these "Avu-Kamuu" are reminiscent of the Guymelfs from "Escaflowne".

    Overall an amazingly well done series, which will keep you entertained, and make you watch it again and again. This show deserves a perfect 10.moreless
  • A period piece that turns into so much more.

    I've finally found a great anime. I haven't seen a great anime since I finished watching Eureka Seven almost a year ago. Utawarerumono is a great anime about finding your self. What's great is that it starts out as a period piece and by episode 26 it turns into so much more. The story isn't original but the creators add new twists, great characters that you love and care about and keep watching to see what happens to them. The animation is great, the music is good. I think Utawarerumon0 could become a classic anime everyone needs to sit down and watch.moreless
  • One of the best, if not the best, animes I have ever seen.

    This anime is at the top of my Personal Favorites List. The character designs are perfect. The characters having fox like ears, the women having tails, and all of them wearing traditional Japanese clothing from the Edo period makes the anime more intriguing. The pure mystery and exciting battle scenes add make it even better. The character introductions and their stories were perfect. The build up to the ending was slightly confusing yet intriguing. The way how everything taking a turn for the worst, after peace is finally established, is really funny. Eruruu's reluctance to tell Hakuoro she is in love with him made me watch the anime to the end, other then everything else. The conflicts of her liking him and interactions between Hakuoro and the other characters is hilarious. Aruruu calling Hakuoro her father, even though hers and Eruruu's father is dead, is touching and makes the plot even better. Hakuoro turning out to be a God and having to fight his dark half was a real mind boggler. Although I did not like the ending episode the anime was still great. Overall this show deserves a 10, due to great animation, an incredible plot, originality, and great character introductions and stories, which most short animes are missing due to their length.moreless
  • A story of literal self-discovery turns into an all-out war for the world's future, all set in a fantasy realm of magic and nature.

    Utawarerumono is one of those anime that feels more like a novel than a cartoon. Based on a mere RPG (R-rated...), the story starts out small, with a man without memory, into a full-blown battle between the gods. All the characters have unique personalities that combine into an extremely unique party following the main character. Action, mysticism, and romance reign in this anime; somehow, they all combine and affect each other as the plot rolls on. Political intrigue is present in the first half of the anime, and then transforms into a surprising reference to a future world (of ours) and the struggle for man to survive. Art is exceptional, much better than most anime; the artists showed their enjoyment of detailing the gigantic armies as they plunge into freshly colored forests, mountains, and rivers. The females all have tails, which strangely make the anime that much more attractive.moreless
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