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In this Channel 4 suspense/thriller, four Internet forum friends learn from a fifth that Part 2 of a rare graphic novel, "The Utopia Manuscript," has come to light. What they are initially unaware of is that a mysterious organization known as The Network will do anything to get their hands on it. After their friend is killed, the remaining four friends--Grant, Becky, Ian, and Wilson--find themselves framed for crimes they didn't commit and on the run from The Network and the authorities. To survive, they must recover the graphic novel and uncover the secrets that it holds... secrets that could endanger the world.

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  • So disappointed.

    Was so looking forward to this show when it was first announced. Just a bitter disappointment and a waste of airspace.
  • i would love to be in utopia

    can't enough of this show

    I think this BEEB show is BEEB and BEEB. I BEEB can not BEEB it. The BEEB gray bars across every BEEB person is BEEB in its own right but not to understand a BEEB they are talking about since every other BEEB word is beeped out, Show the BEEB show on cable or do not show it at all, would rather watch the BEEB news.
  • Where, is Jessica Hyde?

    Why is this show not more widely known and watched? Is it poorly promoted? Is it the violence and the mature adult content making the viewing public pass it by? What ever the reason people are surely doing themselves a disservice.

    I only chanced upon Utopia after listening to a snippet on the Radio which happened to mention this "great show everyone will be watching" called Utopia. Didn't have time to listen to the discussion, but I looked it up anyway later that evening. Great synopsis, amazing reviews, so I cued it and started watching. Funny thing is I later discovered the radio hosts weren't talking about this Utopia at all but in fact an up and coming Australian Comedy TV show! Jeeze, all I can say is I'm glad I didn't catch the discussion which lead me to accidentally find one of the greatest TV series period!

    Seriously give this paranoia fuelled tense brooding masterful yarn a shot. Absolutely floors me almost every episode.moreless
  • Wilson Wilson!

    Utterly compelling, brilliantly acted, wonderfully more can I say (not much but they won't let me post a short review so here goes)

    Each character is fleshed out so you understand why the good do bad things and the bad do good. The script makes each episode whizz by and at no time are you allowed to fall into the getting-very-common, "I know what happens No, we as watchers don't. Ever.

    The actors, young and old, are riveting in their performances especially Jessica Hyde and Arby (character names as I can't remember the actors).

    The soundtrack is stunning and so is the cinematography and direction.

    The episodes knit together well and form a brilliant whole that has left me with crossed fingers for another season.

    Very happy to see this dark thriller show on TV.


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