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AIRED ON 7/22/2014

Season 2 : Episode 3

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In this Channel 4 suspense/thriller, four Internet forum friends learn from a fifth that Part 2 of a rare graphic novel, "The Utopia Manuscript," has come to light. What they are initially unaware of is that a mysterious organization known as The Network will do anything to get their hands on it. After their friend is killed, the remaining four friends--Grant, Becky, Ian, and Wilson--find themselves framed for crimes they didn't commit and on the run from The Network and the authorities. To survive, they must recover the graphic novel and uncover the secrets that it holds... secrets that could endanger the world.

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  • Great show.

    The second season has already premiered.
  • Trippy and addicting

    I've watched the first three episodes and am hooked. I agree with everyone below: Very beautifully shot. Suspenseful. Music that puts you on edge. Well acted. Its not quite the caliber of Les Revenants, but its not terribly far off. Feels like Broadchurch on acid. Highly recommended!
  • Spoiler-free review of a show that is awesome.

    UTOPIA, it's a genius series with plot twist everywhere and as the story progresses it really makes you think what truly is the right thing to do. Some people give the series a low score because of the extreme violence. If you can't stand blood then this series is not something for you. Even though it truly is a genius series with an amazing plot. I read for instance a review about a guy who watched the first episode until -that scene-, stopped watching and gave the whole series a 1 out of 10, you can't give a bad score just because you can't handle violence and blood (don't get me wrong the violence is by far not as gory as any stupid horror movie where the main theme is flying intestines). The series also received a lot of criticism because in a certain episode there was a strong resemblance with a (at the time of the release) very recent and very tragic event (just to make sure I don't cause any controversy here: the 'at the time of the release' is only concerns the 'very recent'). Channel 4 at the time was doubting to broadcast it but in the end they decided to do it. I understand the controversy it caused and maybe Channel 4 should not have broadcasted it so soon after the tragic event that occurred in America. The cinematography is one of the best I have ever seen. Casting is great as well. It was a surprise to me the series was so good but know it's one of my favorite series I have ever seen. If you can stomach extreme violence. WATCH IT and be amazed.moreless
  • Amazing show!

    Everything is perfect: perfect plot, intriguing and twisted, perfect protagonists, well developped and characterized and perfect music. Love it!!!
  • Great show to check out, but the ending was a little weak

    I enjoyed this show a great deal. I decided to watch it when the onion a/v club listed it as a foreign show that the US should rip off and do their own version. I really liked the characters, the look of the show, the story line, and the acting. It is a little violent in spots, but it doesn't glorify that violence. I only say that the end was a little weak because it felt a little too much like rounding up story points, rather than an organic and satisfying ending. Even with that weakness it is easily one of the better shows out there to watch.moreless

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