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I have to say Utopia has restrained itself this season apart from some nail pulling and a rabbit with a no guts no glory attitude, the gore has been moderate. Now it could be that the level of violence in season 1 was overshadowed by the memorability of some of that violence and it looked more violent than it was. No Utopia is violent it's just me getting desensitized a bit. So the levels went up this week and I would have liked to go up on my high horse and say they were provoking again and they should just go on telling the story, but it was just so funny. Lee just casually slashing the throat of Joe, ian's boss. Phoning the Network for a clean up crew while Joe is wobbling to the door spraying blood all over the office. going through cover up stories. Conclusion "Yeah Suicide is not gonna work." Instead they're gonna frame Ian again. (Is Ian getting framed for ever more crimes as the seasons go by?)

The gang find out, the frame job, while they are hiding in a suburban house and also why the Network wants to kill Donaldson. His former professor told Donaldson "Jimmy deshel is a fatman" he googled it and was put straight on a hitlist. It turns out it is an American bioweapons project.
Jimmy Desh project L and Fatman is a reference to the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. All a bit ominous.
So to get everyone on planet Earth scared enough to vaccinate themselves the Network is gonna release a weaponized flu virus more virulent than the Spanish flu. A flu that killed 50 million people.

While that's going on Jessica's time is running out and Milner finally decides to operate on Jessica to get the Janus proteins out of her brain. She escapes from the operating table I assume with the aid of last week spring from the pen of the late interrogator Ross. Her escape through the medical waste chute reminded me of Renton's adventures in the worst toilet of Scotland.
That guy in the car when Jessica emerged from the waste binns he must have thought the zombie apocalypse started and that wasn't even the most disturbing image of Jessica. No that was the last image of her dressed like an 80'a popstar holding a big F**king butchers knife in Dugdale's house.

Not the best of timing as Dugdale just threw a lab tech under the bus as she was digging too deep in the vaccine properties and found out that the vaccine was identical to the vaccine for the Hong Kong flu of 1969. In other words it would be useless against newer strains of the flu.

Wilson and Lee need to go on some team building exercises if they want to be effective. Pulling guns and hitting each other with crowbars can be counter productive in the building of a solid team where you might need to depend on your team mate in sticky situations.
Well for the moment Arbe is leaving breadcrumbs for them to follow so not a lot of investigation to do. When Lee comes face to face with Arbe in the home of the freshly killed family of the hacker. Arbe is making a deal I'm not sure what it is he says he has Donaldson and the rest and that he wants Amanda and Tess safe. Is he willing to kill them or is he just keeping them quiet? Arbe is gone before further terms can be negotiated.

So Anton is Phillip Carvel? True or False Becky and Ian seems to think so
Ian finally starts to mistrust Milner. I had totally forgotten that Becky and Ian never found out that Milner was Mr. Rabbit.

Arbe: "I suggest no one googles anything from now on"
Becky: "Ohh My f**king f**k
Lee: "It's not that you can't take life. I recon you can take billions, but... it would have to be necessary. Killing me ... isn't necessary."
Lee: "Don't worry Wilson we make a great team you and me I can do stuff and you can keep an eye out."
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