Season 1 Episode 3

A Bright New Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on ABC
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Chad reports on 100 diplomatic visas issued to the first wave of American Visitors, with Anna getting the first. However, there is some opposition against this decision. Also, Erica is paired with a V officer and assigned to protect the V's.

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    Chad reports inside the Peace Ambassador Center as 100 visas are issued to the first group of American Visitors. Meanwhile, Erica beings to track a death threat while paired with a V officer, and Ryan tries to build up more opposition to the V's. If you watch V very carefully it sends a mixed message. I can't live with Christianity reflected in the crucifix crashing to the ground in episode one. Yet we can't live without it as reflected in the Christian presence throughout the series. This just might be our deepest fears about life. I wonder if V is a cultural reflection of our attempt at the abolishment at Christianity and the so called Christian afterlife.moreless
  • A Bright New Day

    A Bright New Day was a very engaging and perfect episode of V. I really enjoyed watching this episode as Ryan is now trying to convince Georgey to do the right thing. It was also cool to see Lisa and Tyler getting closer as Erica discovers that the V's are monitoring humanity through the peace ambassador's jackets. I thought this was a cool technology and interesting how its used. This episode introduced us to some new characters, the most important being Joshua, the chief medical officer of the V fleet. The V's have taken notice of Erica as she catches a guy who was going to attack and kill as many V's as he could. The ending had an interesting revelation and leaves some more questions. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!moreless
  • The V's get Visa's to move around freely on American Soil. Erica and Jack begin to make headway finding allies. Erica stops a supposed killer from attacking the V's. We learn that there are some higher up V's in the resistance.moreless

    The manipulation of the human population continues with Anna converting a woman who is leading the anti-V movement in the US as her husband was one of the pilots killed when the V arrived. Also with Visa's available to the first 100 V's we now have additional V besides the sleeper cells moving freely among the human population.

    Jack is feeling left out so while Erica is off doing her job with FBI protecting the V city headquarters, he goes out looking for additional allies to fight the V. Erica saves Marcus sort of getting a friend within the V's. We'll see if anything comes to that.

    Lisa keeps on working on Tyler as he seems important to the future of the V mission. As they have stated a few times, "he is the one", whatever that ominous statement means.

    Erica's former partner the sleeper V Dale starts to regain his memory. Something surprising happens to him though before he can report who knows about him. In the end Jack and Erica gain two more individual allies to their cause. Things seem to be moving forward at a pretty slow pace.

    There is something ominous about the way this piece is put together other than the story itself. Obviously we know what the V's are, but there are other things we never saw in the original series now cropping up. Also the feeling that there is a larger group within the V that are not happy with the bliss that Anna is passing out. For the third straight week the viewing public has dropped in a significant way. With next weeks episode the last of the first four this year the next episodes will not be seen for four months. We'll see how this effects the long term popularity of the show. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • finally

    So to start off, I enjoy this show. I mean there are only four episodes, but I'm a sucker for sci fi. Fringe is amazing and Flash Forward is growing on me. A show about aliens? At first I was skeptical but it's alright.

    The pilot was interesting and well I'm obviously against the Vistors. I get bothered by every advance they make into infiltrating our society. I get mad when people don't realize they're talking to a V. But this episode is revealing more "traitors" aka the team I'm rooting for. It's good to know this show balances out these crazy V's with generally heartwarming good people battling them! :-)moreless
  • Definitely better than last week's episode.

    Last week's episode felt like such a disappointment compared to the Pilot. It was a huge letdown and felt like the Pilot was just around to lead us on, hook us and then provide a bunch of filler episodes until the next intense episode. Of course, after seeing tonight's episode, I feel that's not the case at all. There may not have been a lot in the way of action, but there was quite a lot of set-up for tonight's mid-season break and a lot of great reveals about the character's intentions.

    I really enjoy the idea of this Fifth Column thing, as well as John May as a mysterious hidden leader. If the show can focus more on the resistance and less on the boring procedural stuff, this show might still have a chance to live on past a thirteen episode first season. The ratings may have dipped down after the first episode, but there's still enough people watching to keep the show alive.

    Seeing Georgie, Ryan, Erica and Father Jack all come together in the end makes me excited to see what happens next week.. and the twist with Joshua being a Fifth Column member was awesome. I'm not sure how I feel about the reveal of who Anna's daughter is (I had the same problem with this week's Dexter episode) but hopefully, tonight will help show us more about it.

    This is the follow-up that should've been. This episode had just enough intensity to keep me interested and ready for the mid-season finale. By the way, whoever came up with the idea to show four episodes of V and then kick it to the curb until March is very foolish.moreless
Britt Irvin

Britt Irvin

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David Richmond-Peck

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Erica sneaks into the room across from the Visitor's "Perimeter Surveillance" room, not only does the sign reading "Those of the body only" in alien text disappear from the door when seen from the inside, but also the opposing hallway wall shows a different hallway with a turn where there was a narrowing instead.

    • Goof: After Erica discovers the V surveillance room, she leaves and we see a shot on the monitor of Tyler and Lisa entering his home. There would have to be a V jacket in front of them to achieve this shot, but they're alone.

    • Goof: Just after the cut from the Visitors getting their visas, Erica is sorting through information about people from the list acquired previously. She types the name 'Brian Downs' in a search on her computer, but when an immediate cut is made to a close-up of the computer screen the name now reads '-obert -ands'. Although the complete name is missing, it is clearly not 'Brian Downs'.

    • Goof: Near the end of the episode, when Tyler and Lisa are in his bedroom, he takes off his jacket and shirt. When he reaches down to tuck the jacket under his bed, however, at the edges of the screen, you can see that he's still wearing his shirt.

    • Goof: In the scene where Agent Evans notices the missing guard, the first two overhead shots are duplicate footage - you can see a woman in a V uniform with a purple headband and a blonde woman in a red shirt both turn at the T-intersection on the red carpet.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Ryan: You ever heard of John May?
      Georgie: Guy's a myth.
      Ryan: No. He's not a myth. He's real. John May is the leader of the Fifth Column. First group of Visitors to ever turn against the leadership, he started it.
      Georgie: The Visitors have sleeper cells everywhere.
      Ryan: Yeah, and so do we. The Fifth Column is down but it's not out. We can win this.
      Georgie: And if John May gets into this?
      Ryan: He'll bring an army.

    • Tyler: You got your Visa today, huh?
      Lisa: Yeah.
      Tyler: So, what do you think about New York?
      Lisa: Still getting the hang of this whole Earth thing, you know?
      Tyler: Yeah, me too.

    • Erica: If a human kills a Visitor, that makes us the bad guys.

    • Chad: It's a bright new day in America.

    • Jack: I wanna be useful. I wanna be able to look people in the eye and say, "God loves you and everything's gonna be fine." How do I tell them that? I don't even know what to tell myself anymore.
      Erica: I know how you feel.
      Jack: Why are the V's doing it like this? Why the infiltration? Why the sleeper cells? Why don't they just annihilate us and get it over with?
      Erica: Because they're smart and patient and whatever their plan is, they need us for something. And until we figure out what that is we have to fight them the same way they're fighting us: one step at a time.

    • Joshua: (Before injecting Dale he reveals his true colours) The Fifth Column says hello.

    • Ryan: We need to mount a resistance before they infiltrate any further.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: April 20, 2010 on Syfy
      Israel: April 9th, 2011 on HOT Zone
      Czech Republic: July 30, 2012 on FANDA
      Slovakia: April 11, 2013 on Dajto


    • In the incident report for George Sutton, the names of several members of V's Art Department can be seen in the box to the left of the photo.

    • Father Jack shows behind his ear

      While implied that Father Jack is showing a cut in his skin for his red blood to prove himself as human, this is a clear allusion to the television show The 4400 starring the same actor Joel Gretsch and created/written by Scott Peters, who is also the creator/writer for V.

      On The 4400, Joel's character was involved in a major plot where the telling sign was a mark behind the ear, his he revealed several times on that show.

    • Marcus: There will be no peace.

      This is reminiscent of the line from INDEPENDENCE DAY spoken to the US President by an alien captured by Will Smith, "Peace? There can be no peace."

    • Title reference: Bright New Day is a song by The Blood Brothers.