Season 2 Episode 7

Birth Pangs

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2011 on ABC

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  • "V: Birth Pangs" in Five Minutes: The deck chairs are re-arranged, but the Titanic is still sinking.


    Thomas: Tyler, our pilot program has a strict "No Boy-Band Hair" policy, so ...
    Clippers: Bzzzzz.

    Jack: Thanks for letting me move in with you.
    Hobbes: No prob. I hardly notice you even when we're face-to-face.
    Erica: Guys, this is Fier--
    Jack, Hobbes: DON'T TRUST HIM!
    Erica: --o. Uh, time for a team-building exercise in Bangkok.

    Joshua: Tyler's blood is weak, and he looks weedy in boxer shorts. Pathetic, inside and out.
    Thomas: And he can't even hear us trash-talking him from 15 feet away.
    Anna: Then he's expendable. Or maybe vital. Oh, I'll flip a coin. Later.

    Erica: Hi, Thai Guys. I'm the new Eli.
    Thai Guys: *Thhhpt!*
    Erica: Eli died because he wasn't smart.
    Thai Guys: "Smart" and "smart" ... what is this "smart"?

    Anna: Lisa, go get it on with a Spaniard.
    Lisa: But my all-consuming love for whiny Tyler-- er, yes'm.

    Erica: We're teleconferencing because the internet's so secure.
    Chad: I'll go sic Lisa!
    Hobbes: I'll be the muscle!
    Sid: I haven't died yet!
    Jack: Guys, am I relevant in any way, shape or--
    Laptop Lids: [snap shut in unison]

    Fiero: Lots of kids died 18 years ago.
    Erica: So we should go to Hong Kong.
    Fiero: Naturally.
    Hobbes: Cool. Nothing's easier for international terrorists to do than get into the People's Republic of China.

    Anna: Joshua, spy on Lisa, and report all her secret emotions to me.
    Joshua: God, it's like 8th grade never ended.

    Lisa: Gramma, I'm all emotion-y.
    Diana: Embrace them. Hide them. They'll empower you. But no one can know.
    Lisa: WTF?

    Chad: Lisa, spy for us.
    Lisa: Okay. Spying, spying, spying ...
    Joshua: Hey Lisa, how about those emotions, huh?
    Lisa: You, spy on me?! Buzz off, amateur.

    Hong Kong Cop: Welcome to Hong Kong. I happen to keep a photo of the V-Doctor on me at all times.
    Fiero: And I can bust Hong Kong security in a jiff.
    Erica: F*ck diamonds; contrivances are a girl's best friend.

    Hobbes: Knock, knock! My cunning disguise as a Chinese cop is eerily perfect!
    V-Doctor: Well, c'mon in, then!
    Erica: You, V-Doctor! Tell me everything or be tortured!
    V-Doctor: Look there, a wall safe! [LEAP!] [WHOOSH!] [POOF!]
    Hobbes: In China, they do love fireworks.
    Erica: Now, do we blow the safe, or exchange meaningful glances?
    Erica, Hobbes: *glance*
    Safe: [BOOM]

    Jack: Ryan! You're treacherous, and we all hate you!
    Ryan: If you help me spring my baby, at least you'll have something to do.
    Jack: Hummmm ...

    Erica: According the V-Doctor's safe files, Tyler is expendable!
    Hobbes: Hell, *I* coulda told you that on Day One.
    Fiero: Wanna play with unknown alien technology here and now?
    Hobbes: Definitely!
    Blood Bugs: Wheeeee!

    Hobbes: Hi, Jack. Exposition for you.
    Jack: kthx

    Lisa: Hi, Chad. Info for you.
    Chad: kthx

    Sid: The blood bugs are man-haters.
    Chad: And the live-aboards are speeding up V evolution.
    Erica: No sh*t!

    Joshua: My queen, Lisa has no emotions, but she was spying on files.
    Anna: Which files?
    Joshua: Dunno. In all our stolen evolution, we never acquired obervational skills.

    Mendoza: Hi, Lisa. I'm from Spain, and I speak perfect English.
    Lisa: Piss off, eurotrash.
    Anna: WTF, Missy? [WHACK!]
    Lisa: [WHACK!]
    Anna: I kinda liked that.

    Anna: Here's the thing: Lisa is expendable, and this pulsating blob here can be the new queen.
    Joshua: Or will the hybrid Freak Baby be the new queen?
    Anna: I'll flip a coin. Later.

    Erica: Do I rock, or don't I?!
    Fifth Column: Sure.

    Joshua: My experiments have turned Freak Baby into Freak Girlie.
    Ryan: Hi, Freak Girlie! Who's your Daddy?
    Freak Girlie: It's Anna, isn't it?
    Anna: Neato. [Whisper] Joshua, expend with Ryan.
    Joshua: Can't you just chomp him here and now?
    Anna: "Messy death" and "designer dress" don't go together, peasant.

    Tyler: Lisa, I'm a kick-ass pilot now.
    Lisa: I never thought I'd say this, but I kinda miss Emo-B*tch Tyler.

    Lisa: GOD, all day it's been spy-this, expendable-that ...
    Diana: Here's a hug, sweetie.
    Lisa: Here's a gizmo, Gramma.
    Diana: Here's a cold, furtive smile behind your back.
    Lisa: You don't have to say that out loud, you know.


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    A slap off between Morena Baccarin and Laura Vandervoort. Nice. A lot of Anna scenes today, which is never a bad thing, and we got an idea of what her plans are for the future.

    V is doing a decent job in its second season of trying to build to something. We saw here tonight in this episode that there is a method to the madness, but I just fear that ABC will not give the show an opportunity to fulfill its plan. If only the V's could take over that network.

    Decent episode here. A little low on action, but definitely one necessary to continue to build toward the war between visitors and humans.
  • A welcome change of pace, some interesting developments and a blessed relief: no mention of that ridiculous soul extraction nonsense.

    I have to admit I was starting to be concerned. The soul extraction device and all these boys wandering around with hardly any DNA was beginning to be a bit much. I understand there's a suspension of belief with most sci-fi programmes but these elements were just taking it too far. Personally, I'm hoping the writers quietly forget that ridiculous soul extraction device and get joshua onto more feasible work.
    Anyway, I felt that this episode somewhat redeemed the past few and hopefully signals a change of pace too. I feel that the first half of the series has been a bit slow and filled with absurd plots. This episode managed to maintain a tense atmosphere and still be interesting.
    Starting to feel sorry for Lisa as it seems she is just becoming a pawn of Anna now and of Diana in the future. It seems both queens are just using her for their own ends as that awkward hug and sly smirk of Diana suggests.
    Talking of character development, or lack thereof, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to care about the ultimate fate of Tyler. He's a deeply unlikeable character with almost no depth. In this episode I was actually hoping Lisa would see sense and get it on with Raphael.
    I'm starting the think the V's not only removed half his DNA but all of his personality as well.
    We learn that "Marcus is recovering" which is incidentally thrown in at some point, probably to let the audience know that whatever scheduling conflicts the actor has will be resolved in a few weeks time, not a fan of obvious storylines to accomodate actor's real lives i must admit.
    I'm hoping the next few episodes will keep up the standard which this episode set and hopefully salvage the embarrassment of the first half of the season.
    Not quite living up to the original yet, but has potential.
  • I was too hard on this show the first time around...this is much better than the original series.

    I'm taking back what I said when I viewed the premier episode of V. This series is much better than the original series. I admit that I was a little cynical and a little predjudiced against remakes of old series when I saw the first episode of V, but I've been following the show right up to the present and I find that this series has a lot more going for it than just special effects. it has a well written and engaging storyline that keeps me coming back every week. Much more polished and sophisticated than the eighties series, I find I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm hooked.
  • Birth Pangs

    Birth Pangs was a perfect episode of V. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Anna moves her plans forward and she tests Lisa. They had some excellent scenes. Erica has been introduced to Eli's top people from around the world, and she convinces them to follow her after finding out part of the V's plan. I though the story of this episode was awesome, and the plot has grown more complex while the characters continue to intrigue. There was a lot of great story development as well as action, and drama. Diana seems to have a bigger plan then previously indicated adding mystery. I look forward to the next episode!!!!!!!