Season 2 Episode 7

Birth Pangs

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2011 on ABC

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  • A welcome change of pace, some interesting developments and a blessed relief: no mention of that ridiculous soul extraction nonsense.

    I have to admit I was starting to be concerned. The soul extraction device and all these boys wandering around with hardly any DNA was beginning to be a bit much. I understand there's a suspension of belief with most sci-fi programmes but these elements were just taking it too far. Personally, I'm hoping the writers quietly forget that ridiculous soul extraction device and get joshua onto more feasible work.
    Anyway, I felt that this episode somewhat redeemed the past few and hopefully signals a change of pace too. I feel that the first half of the series has been a bit slow and filled with absurd plots. This episode managed to maintain a tense atmosphere and still be interesting.
    Starting to feel sorry for Lisa as it seems she is just becoming a pawn of Anna now and of Diana in the future. It seems both queens are just using her for their own ends as that awkward hug and sly smirk of Diana suggests.
    Talking of character development, or lack thereof, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to care about the ultimate fate of Tyler. He's a deeply unlikeable character with almost no depth. In this episode I was actually hoping Lisa would see sense and get it on with Raphael.
    I'm starting the think the V's not only removed half his DNA but all of his personality as well.
    We learn that "Marcus is recovering" which is incidentally thrown in at some point, probably to let the audience know that whatever scheduling conflicts the actor has will be resolved in a few weeks time, not a fan of obvious storylines to accomodate actor's real lives i must admit.
    I'm hoping the next few episodes will keep up the standard which this episode set and hopefully salvage the embarrassment of the first half of the season.
    Not quite living up to the original yet, but has potential.