Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Anna attempts to explain the concept of "Concordia" to Chad. On the surface, it means a peaceful coexistence between human and Visitor, but in reality, it's merely an excuse to scout for landing sites all over Earth.

It's Tyler's 18th birthday, and Erica and Joe suggest that their son go on a motorcycle road trip. However, Anna also has a gift for Tyler. She allows him to meet engineer Thomas, who offers Tyler a chance to pilot a V shuttle, which can obviously move much faster across the country than a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Eli meet, with Eli planning out Anna's assassination. Hobbes is eager to follow through with the plan, while Erica and Jack are concerned about the degree of collateral damage which might happen if the plan is carried out. Erica suggests that Hobbes just take Anna out with one single shot. Jack risks defying the Vatican in order to help Erica sneak Hobbes into the reception.

Chad has a new reporter working with him at the network, a woman named Carrie who is staunchly anti-Visitor. It's hoped that they'll provide some great television by arguing about the Vs.

At the reception to officially announce "Concordia", Anna takes the stage but Marcus is with her. He has heard from a source that there may be an attempt on her life, so he's not leaving her alone. Tyler is also on stage, which makes Erica nervous. She comes out of the crowd to protect her son, but with Anna protected, Hobbes must take out Marcus instead.

As Marcus is carted off, Anna chooses Thomas to take his place by her side. Thomas tells Anna that Tyler won't be flying the shuttle. Anna isn't too concerned, as there are others who can do the same thing Tyler can.

As Erica and Joe celebrate with Tyler, Bolling and Kendrick discover mounting evidence that Erica may be working with the Fifth Column. There is a photo taken of her speaking with Father Jack before the assassination attempt.

Jack realizes that he may be excommunicated from the Church for his role in the plot to kill Anna. The rest of the team realize that only one person could have tipped Anna off to the plan: Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan is eager to do anything for Anna as long as she keeps on delivering Bliss to his daughter.