Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on ABC

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  • Concordia

    Concordia was a superb episode of V, blending discord and dilemma with character and plot development. I really enjoyed watching this episode because we got to see more of Anna's true plans for Earth now that Concordia has been set in motion. It was fun to watch Anna and Erica battling for Tyler, and I think Anna is on to Erica now after Marcus was shot. This episode shows how deep and complex the series is getting. Ryan had to deal with a major dilemma that he may have to pay dearly for. I also am intrigued by Erica's partner who is secretly investigating her. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • A great episode...

    Concordia really was a great episode of V and te best episode this season so far, One of the reason's i liked this epeisode so much was because erica's story was more human she is just trying to protect her son , it was good to have her ex husband back which provived more back story for erica, even tyler came across more likable in this episode, I also am enjoying the personal dilemma Jack is going through with is religon, Anna's concordia story was intresting i am looking forward to see where thy may head it was certainly more intresting the whole human soul story, Marcus getting shot was exciting and im really looking forward to whats next
  • V está se tornando uma série surpreendente e confirmando que o rumo que está seguindo é bem diferente do que a série anterior. As tramas estão bem mais complexas

    Neste episódio, ficou bem mais claro o motivo de tanta generosidade, a invasão é iminente, não sei por quanto tempo os roteiristas vão segurar esta onda, espero que não nos deixem com tantas expectativas, ou deixarão?! Creio que sim.
    Mais uma vez temos a aparição do personagem Eli Cohn do ator Oded Fehr (The Mummy), o líder dos extremistas da Quinta Coluna. Com o intuito de assassinar a líder/ Rainha dos V, com a ajuda do lagarto Ryan, que está a serviço de Anna, pois o manipula através de sua filha, que precisa constantemente de sua glória, sinceramente algo que dispensaria ao enredo, mas ao que tudo indica os roteiristas querem misturar religião e violência. Espero que a série resista apesar da acentuada queda de audiência.
  • A slower episode which I consider to be a "filler" episode. Nonetheless, the plan the visitors have for the humans is slowly becoming known

    This was a slower episode than the previous ones in season 2. However this does not make this a bad episode, just one which seems to drag on too long. I believe this episode was needed to provide a basis for future story lines but still too long with not enough action. The plan to kill Anna did not work, instead Marcus was shot and we presume killed. However, they are from another planet so he could still live. Anna was as annoying as ever in this episode. For some reason I have been turned off of her - maybe it's the way they have been writing her in...Not enough Diana for my liking. Another episode where Anna and Diana were going around in circles, it even seemed like an in-house joke when Diana commented on Anna coming down, circling around her and gloating. Maybe she was sick of the scenes as well?
    All in all, a good episode. I gave it an 8.5 because I absolutely love V.
  • 205

    Now, this is what I am talking about. This is what we all want to see from V. After last week's very dismal showing, we get a great episode here today that definitely satisfied the inner sci-fi geek in all of us.

    The assasination attempt of Marcus was shocking, and definitely the kind of thing that the show needs more of. Taking the premise for this series into account, there is very little action in most shows.

    The idea of Conchordia would be great if it actually existed, just thought I would throw that out there.

    This episode of V had me entertained from start to finish. Great hour of TV tonight.
  • "V: Concordia" in Five Minutes: A silly reduction of a silly show.


    Anna: This is Concordia. It's like the Taj Mahal, but taller.
    Chad: Can you give me some timely buzzwords?
    Anna: Free medical care! Eco-friendly!
    Chad: I meant NEW timely buzzwords.
    Anna: Jobs! Urban renewal!

    Tyler: This crappy birthday cake you made signifies that I'm a man now, not some toddler in his Terrible Twos.
    Erica: So, no more tantrums?
    Tyler: Nope! Not any that I'll capture on my iPhone, anyway.

    Thomas: I'm Thomas. I wear a turtleneck.
    Marcus: Thomas's Concordias will be V breeding centers.
    Anna: Once we ... destroy the human soul!! Mwuh-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!!!
    Thomas: "T" for turtleneck, "T" for Thomas.

    Ryan: Let's kill Anna.
    Eli: 'kay.

    Agent Chris: Hey Erica, care for some light, suggestive banter?
    Erica: With my ex, maybe. Be right back. Hey, Joe, here's the real deal on the V's.
    Joe: Freaky!
    Erica: Wanna get back together?
    Joe: Freaky!

    Neil: As a hard-bitten news boss, I say you've gone p*ssy, Chad!
    Chad: I don't have to take that from a lumpy version of Ryan! Grrr! Mad dog reporter! Ruff! Ruff!

    Lisa: Tyler, for your birthday, I have a box for you to open--
    Tyler: Woo-hoo!
    Lisa: -- and here it is.
    Tyler: Oh. Hey, a moving photograph. How Harry Potter.
    Joe & Erica: Hi, son! We're back together! Here's a vintage Harley!
    Lisa: [under her breath] F*ckers!
    Anna on Spy-Cam: I'll show these puny humans TRUE one-upsmanship!

    Ryan: Here's a bold, big-picture statement!
    Erica: I'll raise you an empty threat!
    Jack: Care for some moralistic blather?
    Erica: From you? Always.

    Anna: Happy Birthday, Tyler! Here's your own spaceship!
    Tyler: From a crappy cake to a spaceship? At this rate, I'll have my own planet by midnight!
    Erica: [under her breath] F*cker!

    Newshound Carrie: Tough observations!
    Chad: Repartee!
    Neil: Daytime Emmy, totally.

    Erica: I'm going to play both sides. What do you two sides think of that?
    FBI: Yay!
    Fifth Column: Yay!

    Thomas: The destruction of the humans is nigh!
    Anna: This opportunity for over-the-top pronouncements pleases me.

    Erica: Evening gown and thigh-holster.
    Joe: I feel no need for further discussion.

    Anna: Ryan, you must infiltrate Fifth Column further, or your daughter suffers!
    Ryan: Don't you have ANYTHING else to say to me?! Ever?!

    Newshound Carrie: Anna, can I ask you really obvious questions?
    Anna: If I can respond with transparent evasion, ask away.

    FBI: [singing] The Feds are gonna have their way ... toni-i-ight!
    Fifth Column: [singing] Fifth Column's gonna get it on ... toni-i-ight!
    Church Rabble: [singing] Tonight!
    V's: [singing] Tonight!
    Black Tie Guests: [singing] Tonight!
    Ryan: Damn, I HATE "West Side Story" references! Time to speed-dial Anna ...

    Eli: Hm. They're onto us.
    Hobbes: The whole point of this was to kill Anna, and she's almost a clear shot, and our original plan was a bystander-killing bomb, so ...
    Eli: Should we kill Marcus instead, to no obvious benefit?
    Hobbes: Sounds good.
    Eli: Hey, wasn't there some back-alley meeting between you and Marcus once? Are you two in cahoots?
    Hobbes: At this point, who the f*ck knows?
    Tyler: Ewww!
    Anna's Eyes: J'accuse, Erica Evans!

    Thomas: Marcus clings to life. Can I be the new Marcus?
    Anna: Sure.
    Thomas: All our plans hinge on Tyler. How pathetic is that?
    Anna: No, Tyler isn't vital after all.
    Thomas: Oh? ... You know, I'm starting to think that our race would rule the entire universe by now if we weren't so damn flighty.

    Joe: Trite generalities!
    Tyler: Mealy-mouth platitudes!
    Erica: Time for crappy birthday cake!
    Tyler: Yum! ... So ... CAN I have my own planet?

    FBI Chief: Explain tonight, Chris!
    Agent Chris: Erica's with Fifth Column.
    FBI Chief: Whoa! Good one!

    Old Priest: Excommunication on you!
    Jack: Whatever.

    Anna: Ryan, let's re-hash our previous scene.
    Ryan: *Sigh* Fine.

    Eli: Ryan betrayed us.
    Hobbes: It was HIS idea to kill Anna. He had a rationale and everything. And then he changed his mind for no logical reason.
    Eli: In his heart, he truly is a V.