Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2011 on ABC

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  • "V: Concordia" in Five Minutes: A silly reduction of a silly show.


    Anna: This is Concordia. It's like the Taj Mahal, but taller.
    Chad: Can you give me some timely buzzwords?
    Anna: Free medical care! Eco-friendly!
    Chad: I meant NEW timely buzzwords.
    Anna: Jobs! Urban renewal!

    Tyler: This crappy birthday cake you made signifies that I'm a man now, not some toddler in his Terrible Twos.
    Erica: So, no more tantrums?
    Tyler: Nope! Not any that I'll capture on my iPhone, anyway.

    Thomas: I'm Thomas. I wear a turtleneck.
    Marcus: Thomas's Concordias will be V breeding centers.
    Anna: Once we ... destroy the human soul!! Mwuh-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!!!
    Thomas: "T" for turtleneck, "T" for Thomas.

    Ryan: Let's kill Anna.
    Eli: 'kay.

    Agent Chris: Hey Erica, care for some light, suggestive banter?
    Erica: With my ex, maybe. Be right back. Hey, Joe, here's the real deal on the V's.
    Joe: Freaky!
    Erica: Wanna get back together?
    Joe: Freaky!

    Neil: As a hard-bitten news boss, I say you've gone p*ssy, Chad!
    Chad: I don't have to take that from a lumpy version of Ryan! Grrr! Mad dog reporter! Ruff! Ruff!

    Lisa: Tyler, for your birthday, I have a box for you to open--
    Tyler: Woo-hoo!
    Lisa: -- and here it is.
    Tyler: Oh. Hey, a moving photograph. How Harry Potter.
    Joe & Erica: Hi, son! We're back together! Here's a vintage Harley!
    Lisa: [under her breath] F*ckers!
    Anna on Spy-Cam: I'll show these puny humans TRUE one-upsmanship!

    Ryan: Here's a bold, big-picture statement!
    Erica: I'll raise you an empty threat!
    Jack: Care for some moralistic blather?
    Erica: From you? Always.

    Anna: Happy Birthday, Tyler! Here's your own spaceship!
    Tyler: From a crappy cake to a spaceship? At this rate, I'll have my own planet by midnight!
    Erica: [under her breath] F*cker!

    Newshound Carrie: Tough observations!
    Chad: Repartee!
    Neil: Daytime Emmy, totally.

    Erica: I'm going to play both sides. What do you two sides think of that?
    FBI: Yay!
    Fifth Column: Yay!

    Thomas: The destruction of the humans is nigh!
    Anna: This opportunity for over-the-top pronouncements pleases me.

    Erica: Evening gown and thigh-holster.
    Joe: I feel no need for further discussion.

    Anna: Ryan, you must infiltrate Fifth Column further, or your daughter suffers!
    Ryan: Don't you have ANYTHING else to say to me?! Ever?!

    Newshound Carrie: Anna, can I ask you really obvious questions?
    Anna: If I can respond with transparent evasion, ask away.

    FBI: [singing] The Feds are gonna have their way ... toni-i-ight!
    Fifth Column: [singing] Fifth Column's gonna get it on ... toni-i-ight!
    Church Rabble: [singing] Tonight!
    V's: [singing] Tonight!
    Black Tie Guests: [singing] Tonight!
    Ryan: Damn, I HATE "West Side Story" references! Time to speed-dial Anna ...

    Eli: Hm. They're onto us.
    Hobbes: The whole point of this was to kill Anna, and she's almost a clear shot, and our original plan was a bystander-killing bomb, so ...
    Eli: Should we kill Marcus instead, to no obvious benefit?
    Hobbes: Sounds good.
    Eli: Hey, wasn't there some back-alley meeting between you and Marcus once? Are you two in cahoots?
    Hobbes: At this point, who the f*ck knows?
    Tyler: Ewww!
    Anna's Eyes: J'accuse, Erica Evans!

    Thomas: Marcus clings to life. Can I be the new Marcus?
    Anna: Sure.
    Thomas: All our plans hinge on Tyler. How pathetic is that?
    Anna: No, Tyler isn't vital after all.
    Thomas: Oh? ... You know, I'm starting to think that our race would rule the entire universe by now if we weren't so damn flighty.

    Joe: Trite generalities!
    Tyler: Mealy-mouth platitudes!
    Erica: Time for crappy birthday cake!
    Tyler: Yum! ... So ... CAN I have my own planet?

    FBI Chief: Explain tonight, Chris!
    Agent Chris: Erica's with Fifth Column.
    FBI Chief: Whoa! Good one!

    Old Priest: Excommunication on you!
    Jack: Whatever.

    Anna: Ryan, let's re-hash our previous scene.
    Ryan: *Sigh* Fine.

    Eli: Ryan betrayed us.
    Hobbes: It was HIS idea to kill Anna. He had a rationale and everything. And then he changed his mind for no logical reason.
    Eli: In his heart, he truly is a V.


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