Season 2 Episode 9

Devil in a Blue Dress

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2011 on ABC

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  • "V: Devil in a Blue Dress" in Five Minutes: Damn the consistency; full speed ahead!


    Anna: Puny humans ... tremble before the might of our decorative lamps!
    Chad: In lighting those lamps, Anna shows us how blue energy rocks!
    Newshound Carrie: You're such a yutz, Chad.
    Anna: Thomas, I'd like to use the phrase "annihilate humanity" in front of hundreds of spectators with cameras.
    Thomas: Of course. It's not like lips can be, you know, read.

    Erica: My God, Tyler, that haircut! Here, your dead dad's cool jacket will undo some of the damage.
    Anna: *seethe*

    Marcus: Wow, I haven't been in a real dungeon since the '70's.
    Diana: Hi. Ooh, you've had work done.
    Marcus: You too! What message do you have, old queen to old queen?
    Diana: This business of destroying the soul was a huge, stupid, f***ing mistake.
    Marcus: Because it imperiled our race?
    Diana: And the series.

    Sid: Concordias are shaped perfectly to land a mothership. So they're 538 landing sites.
    Erica: So we're doomed?
    Sid: On our planet, only one, harried grad student noticed something so obvious. We may be too stupid to survive.
    Erica: Hmmm ... I'll need a three-minute pause to figure out what to do ...

    Erica: ... I've got it! We'll go the "Three Mile Island" route.
    Sid: Not the "Chernobyl" route?
    Erica: We'll call that "Plan B".

    Anna: We have to eliminate disgusting human emotions before breeding.
    Marcus: Perhaps you call them "disgusting" because the one human you've studied most closely is ...
    Anna: ... is Tyler. Yes, disgusting.
    Joshua: We'll experiment further on Freak Girlie.
    Anna: Amy! Her name is Amy!
    Marcus: You gave it a name? Disgusting.

    Erica: Hobbes, sex with you was a huge, stupid, f***ing mistake.
    Hobbes: Because it imperiled our working relationship?
    Erica: And the seri-- Hey, Lisa!
    Lisa: Hi. Here're those big, blue marbles you asked for. Bye!

    Joshua: Hi. Here's some gibberish about bliss, emotions and Freaky Amy.
    Anna: So I'll go bliss up this woman. AAARGH!
    Woman: AAARGH!
    Anna: AAARGH! Ah, bliss! Now kill yourself!
    Woman: 'kay! [POOF]
    Marcus: You do realize, if you try this with the whole human population, it'll be like passing six billion kidney stones at once?

    Sid: Okay, I tapped the big, blue marbles together, and now I know how to muck up their works.
    Erica: Great! Let's spring into action before we consider the horrible consequences.

    Lisa: Granny, they're going to muck up the blue energy plant.
    Diana: They don't know the danger! Playing with blue balls can result in a climactic explosion!
    Lisa: You enjoyed that double-entendre, didn't you?
    Diana: Sweetie, we're just getting started.

    Hobbes: Here we are at Concordia.
    Erica: Okay, everyone, follow standard operating procedure:
    Erica, Hobbes, Jack, Sid: [*jabber regarding what is just about to happen*]
    Sid: That felt good. Off I go!

    Lisa: Hi, Ryan. I called you to stop them from blowing up the blue energy plant.
    Ryan: But I'm the most irrational being in the universe! Why call me?
    Lisa: Obviously, we're desperate.

    Sid: Cool! The mood-lamp room is completely unguarded!
    Ryan: Stop, or we're all doomed!
    Sid: Wha--?! Oh, it's you. Doomed, you say? Well, in ten seconds, you'll just change your mind about that, so ...
    Big Blue Marbles: [FOOM]
    Hobbes: Now, a big boom will end the Concordia program for good, destroy the lead mothership, and kill the queen.
    Erica: But it'll also end the series. Shut 'er down, Ryan.

    Thomas: A blue-energy sabotage knocked out power.
    Anna: Inventory time. I need one of you boys to lay eyes on every pair of blue balls on the ship.
    Marcus: OOH! DIBS!

    Chad on TV: Our top story: Fifth Column have screwed the pooch for ... how many weeks, Carrie?
    Newshound Carrie on TV: Twenty-one.
    Chad on TV: Twenty-one consecutive weeks now! Whoo!
    Erica: What was I thinking?! We could've won the war, and I had to flip-flop at the last moment?
    Hobbes: And I'm siding with Jack's moralistic boilerplate.
    Erica: YOU?! Siding with HIM, of all people?! What the f*** is happening to us?!!
    Sid: It's Ryan! He must exude irrationality, like a musk! It's infectious!

    Anna: I want Newshound Carrie muzzled.
    Chad: Because your reactor got sabotaged? You do have a tendency to concentrate on the wrong niggling details.
    Anna: And my wardrobe.
    Chad: Speaking of which, are you going to wear anything blue this week?

    Lisa: *gasp!* Joshua! You caught me tucking away someone's blue balls!
    Joshua: Relax. A convenient epiphany just now put me on your side again.

    Newshoud Carrie: This power outage is fishy.
    Chad: You're ight-ray. Oncordia-cay nearly blew up anhattan-may.
    Newshound Carrie: What was that? I only took one semester of pig latin at J-school.

    Tyler: Hi, Anna. I'm whiny and non-committal.
    Anna: Have some bliss. It's like heroin without the needle-tracks. AAARGH! AAARGH! Ahh!
    Tyler: Mmmm, bliss!
    Anna: My powers have worked!
    Tyler: Actually, where you're standing, I can totally smell your lady-parts.

    Lisa: I saw my mom go all cougar on Tyler!
    Diana: Your mom with your man? How Jerry Springer!

    Erica: Lisa, I just got off the phone with the Springer people. They want me on their show, and they won't tell me what it's about.
    Lisa: It's my mom. She blissed up your son.
    Erica: Waitaminute ... I thought you people with human emotions were IMMUNE to bliss!
    Lisa: Uh ... it, um ... well, uhhh ...
    Erica: You know what? I'm doing the Springer show. Compared to this, the problems there make a lick of sense.

    Anna: Your work has made my queen-egg-blob ready to hatch, just like your work has aided some half-dozen of my cockamamie schemes!
    Joshua: You know, at cocktail parties, when I tell people what I do for a living, they just smirk and roll their eyes.

    Newshound Carrie: Your fake news story that I readgot me fired! What am I gonna do now?!
    Chad: YOU ran an unverified rumor seconds after hearing it, showing a crippling lack of intellect. May I suggest a career in Fifth Column?

    Sid: Look, in the sky! 538 new motherships!
    Hobbes: My God! If this were "Space Invaders," that'd be ... 107,600 points!

    Freaky Amy: Wuv wuv wuv!
    Anna: Oooh, I wuv you too, binky-boo!
    Marcus: Disgusting.

    Erica: Hey everyone. I brought treacherous Ryan, dithering Lisa, and a hologram of the old queen.
    Jack: You mean Marcus?
    Erica: Just watch.
    Diana-gram: It's time for a coup.
    Hobbes: Anna obsesses over succession more than Henry VIII did. How are we gonna pull this off?
    Diana-gram: I'll call in help from an acquaintance I made back in ... oh, 1983, I think it was.
    Erica: Ohhh, I don't like where this is going ...


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    The latest episode of V does a lot of talking, but the action was very minimal, bordering on the point of nonexistent. For a show fighting for survival, as the season winds down you might want to give us a little more if you want the show to be renewed, but maybe the producers are content with V just being a two year show.

    This episode essentially established where everyone is, drew the battle lines and teased a big battle between the Fifth Column and the V's. When the battle takes place, if it ever does, is really the question.
  • Devil in a Blue Dress

    Devil in a Blue Dress was a perfect episode of V. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had all the best elements of this show. There was a lot of character and plot development as Anna discovers what she can do to humans, the 5th column discover the truth about Concordia, and Lisa and Diana make bold moves. It was interesting to see Marcus react to Diana, and Joshua getting his memories back, as well as Tyler's encounter with Anna. This episode definitely showcased the best qualities and story lines of the show. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!