Season 2 Episode 9

Devil in a Blue Dress

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2011 on ABC

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  • "V: Devil in a Blue Dress" in Five Minutes: Damn the consistency; full speed ahead!


    Anna: Puny humans ... tremble before the might of our decorative lamps!
    Chad: In lighting those lamps, Anna shows us how blue energy rocks!
    Newshound Carrie: You're such a yutz, Chad.
    Anna: Thomas, I'd like to use the phrase "annihilate humanity" in front of hundreds of spectators with cameras.
    Thomas: Of course. It's not like lips can be, you know, read.

    Erica: My God, Tyler, that haircut! Here, your dead dad's cool jacket will undo some of the damage.
    Anna: *seethe*

    Marcus: Wow, I haven't been in a real dungeon since the '70's.
    Diana: Hi. Ooh, you've had work done.
    Marcus: You too! What message do you have, old queen to old queen?
    Diana: This business of destroying the soul was a huge, stupid, f***ing mistake.
    Marcus: Because it imperiled our race?
    Diana: And the series.

    Sid: Concordias are shaped perfectly to land a mothership. So they're 538 landing sites.
    Erica: So we're doomed?
    Sid: On our planet, only one, harried grad student noticed something so obvious. We may be too stupid to survive.
    Erica: Hmmm ... I'll need a three-minute pause to figure out what to do ...

    Erica: ... I've got it! We'll go the "Three Mile Island" route.
    Sid: Not the "Chernobyl" route?
    Erica: We'll call that "Plan B".

    Anna: We have to eliminate disgusting human emotions before breeding.
    Marcus: Perhaps you call them "disgusting" because the one human you've studied most closely is ...
    Anna: ... is Tyler. Yes, disgusting.
    Joshua: We'll experiment further on Freak Girlie.
    Anna: Amy! Her name is Amy!
    Marcus: You gave it a name? Disgusting.

    Erica: Hobbes, sex with you was a huge, stupid, f***ing mistake.
    Hobbes: Because it imperiled our working relationship?
    Erica: And the seri-- Hey, Lisa!
    Lisa: Hi. Here're those big, blue marbles you asked for. Bye!

    Joshua: Hi. Here's some gibberish about bliss, emotions and Freaky Amy.
    Anna: So I'll go bliss up this woman. AAARGH!
    Woman: AAARGH!
    Anna: AAARGH! Ah, bliss! Now kill yourself!
    Woman: 'kay! [POOF]
    Marcus: You do realize, if you try this with the whole human population, it'll be like passing six billion kidney stones at once?

    Sid: Okay, I tapped the big, blue marbles together, and now I know how to muck up their works.
    Erica: Great! Let's spring into action before we consider the horrible consequences.

    Lisa: Granny, they're going to muck up the blue energy plant.
    Diana: They don't know the danger! Playing with blue balls can result in a climactic explosion!
    Lisa: You enjoyed that double-entendre, didn't you?
    Diana: Sweetie, we're just getting started.

    Hobbes: Here we are at Concordia.
    Erica: Okay, everyone, follow standard operating procedure:
    Erica, Hobbes, Jack, Sid: [*jabber regarding what is just about to happen*]
    Sid: That felt good. Off I go!

    Lisa: Hi, Ryan. I called you to stop them from blowing up the blue energy plant.
    Ryan: But I'm the most irrational being in the universe! Why call me?
    Lisa: Obviously, we're desperate.

    Sid: Cool! The mood-lamp room is completely unguarded!
    Ryan: Stop, or we're all doomed!
    Sid: Wha--?! Oh, it's you. Doomed, you say? Well, in ten seconds, you'll just change your mind about that, so ...
    Big Blue Marbles: [FOOM]
    Hobbes: Now, a big boom will end the Concordia program for good, destroy the lead mothership, and kill the queen.
    Erica: But it'll also end the series. Shut 'er down, Ryan.

    Thomas: A blue-energy sabotage knocked out power.
    Anna: Inventory time. I need one of you boys to lay eyes on every pair of blue balls on the ship.
    Marcus: OOH! DIBS!

    Chad on TV: Our top story: Fifth Column have screwed the pooch for ... how many weeks, Carrie?
    Newshound Carrie on TV: Twenty-one.
    Chad on TV: Twenty-one consecutive weeks now! Whoo!
    Erica: What was I thinking?! We could've won the war, and I had to flip-flop at the last moment?
    Hobbes: And I'm siding with Jack's moralistic boilerplate.
    Erica: YOU?! Siding with HIM, of all people?! What the f*** is happening to us?!!
    Sid: It's Ryan! He must exude irrationality, like a musk! It's infectious!

    Anna: I want Newshound Carrie muzzled.
    Chad: Because your reactor got sabotaged? You do have a tendency to concentrate on the wrong niggling details.
    Anna: And my wardrobe.
    Chad: Speaking of which, are you going to wear anything blue this week?

    Lisa: *gasp!* Joshua! You caught me tucking away someone's blue balls!
    Joshua: Relax. A convenient epiphany just now put me on your side again.

    Newshoud Carrie: This power outage is fishy.
    Chad: You're ight-ray. Oncordia-cay nearly blew up anhattan-may.
    Newshound Carrie: What was that? I only took one semester of pig latin at J-school.

    Tyler: Hi, Anna. I'm whiny and non-committal.
    Anna: Have some bliss. It's like heroin without the needle-tracks. AAARGH! AAARGH! Ahh!
    Tyler: Mmmm, bliss!
    Anna: My powers have worked!
    Tyler: Actually, where you're standing, I can totally smell your lady-parts.

    Lisa: I saw my mom go all cougar on Tyler!
    Diana: Your mom with your man? How Jerry Springer!

    Erica: Lisa, I just got off the phone with the Springer people. They want me on their show, and they won't tell me what it's about.
    Lisa: It's my mom. She blissed up your son.
    Erica: Waitaminute ... I thought you people with human emotions were IMMUNE to bliss!
    Lisa: Uh ... it, um ... well, uhhh ...
    Erica: You know what? I'm doing the Springer show. Compared to this, the problems there make a lick of sense.

    Anna: Your work has made my queen-egg-blob ready to hatch, just like your work has aided some half-dozen of my cockamamie schemes!
    Joshua: You know, at cocktail parties, when I tell people what I do for a living, they just smirk and roll their eyes.

    Newshound Carrie: Your fake news story that I readgot me fired! What am I gonna do now?!
    Chad: YOU ran an unverified rumor seconds after hearing it, showing a crippling lack of intellect. May I suggest a career in Fifth Column?

    Sid: Look, in the sky! 538 new motherships!
    Hobbes: My God! If this were "Space Invaders," that'd be ... 107,600 points!

    Freaky Amy: Wuv wuv wuv!
    Anna: Oooh, I wuv you too, binky-boo!
    Marcus: Disgusting.

    Erica: Hey everyone. I brought treacherous Ryan, dithering Lisa, and a hologram of the old queen.
    Jack: You mean Marcus?
    Erica: Just watch.
    Diana-gram: It's time for a coup.
    Hobbes: Anna obsesses over succession more than Henry VIII did. How are we gonna pull this off?
    Diana-gram: I'll call in help from an acquaintance I made back in ... oh, 1983, I think it was.
    Erica: Ohhh, I don't like where this is going ...