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    karlandi wrote:


    Finding a dvd copy of the V miniseries etc will be extremely difficult especially since you are in Brazil.

    OK I searched Google for "V" miniseries (quotes around V) and came up with a possible solution for you. About 1/2 way down the first page was

    Also im not sure you can watch this ,but if you wanna "try before you buy"Google is hosting the first part of the miniseries here (cough cannot copy/paste in mozilla if you edit?)

    Thanks Karlandi, I managed to check it out the first two episodes of the SERIES, where it starts with a Liberation Day victory and then goes to the escape of Diana.

    I have to say the story is alright, but the action scenes, even for 80's standart looks like a power ranger episode, good guys hit with every shot, bad guys misses all of them, a place is full of storm troopers and a guy just enter and take all of them with either a gun or a roundhouse kick, I remember that was common in the shows from the 80's, but it seems a little too much even for it.

    I'll definitely gonna check it out the minisseries, thanks for sharing.
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