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    [41]Feb 27, 2010
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    The first 4 episodes are surely quite different from the old '80s tv series/movies and that's kinda obvious because the writers and producers are taking most of the elements,concepts and characters from novels way more than the '80s series.

    And as any book you can't judge it from its preface nor its introductory chapters... so far we have only seen/read the introduction.. the real story has not started yet.

    Let's just hope that ABC network managers (and so Disney ones) don't kill this series so early because they would be doing a deadly mistake for their own profits. Being the producers of "The 4400" series behind this V series remake the show could be very good to excellent.. and it's a shame that The4400 got canceled and its budget lowered. ABC network managers should raise V series budget instead of lowering it, they must ensure an higher budget to let writers add some amazing outstanding fight scenes and better CGI. If only The4400 got an higher budget and didn't get canceled it could have lasted for a decade or more...

    This new V series could last 4-5 years, for 4-5 season then,at least if writers and producers know what they are doing and ABC network managers have a bit of faith and don't expect immediate profits.Disney managers must take into account the worldwide distribution of the series... even if US Nielsen ratings would drop badly it doesn't mean that worldwide it would flop... give it a chance.. let's see how people worldwide react to the series beforeeven thinking aboutcanceling it.

    What'sup with network managers canceling tv series afterjust a bunch of episodes?Then Sony Columbia should have canned 007 James Bond movies because the last one Quantum Of Solaceflopped in the US but it wasavery goodsuccess in the rest of the world,uh?

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    [42]Mar 31, 2010
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    Not good as the original 80s.
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    [43]Apr 16, 2010
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    I'm chose "It's Ok". It's not really doing anything for me. It's not great and it's not bad...it's just sort of "meh". The only great points about it is that it has Juliet and Tom Baldwin.
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    [44]Apr 16, 2010
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    I like it.

    Even when right now im getting a little sick of Tyler/Logan H... im w8ting that the V kill him for sake.. so he can get a job in glee... xD

    please, support the shooww!!
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