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The Plot of "V" (Possible Spoilers)

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    [1]May 24, 2009
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    I was just watching one of the old V series on TV. The UFO's were over big cities (like in this show), resistant movements were formed (like we can expect in this show)but there were some other things I found out about the real intentions of the V's (visitors). In the old series the v's actually came to Earth to take Human's for food back to their own planet, or wherever they came from.The last scene of the episode I just saw involved a human walking into this massive secret room on one of the V's ships and there were thousands of dead people, naked, in this cacoon plastic bag things. Apart from the fact that i felt sick, from what I saw and the thought of them eating all of these Humans, do you think thats what going to happen in this show?

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    [2]May 24, 2009
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    Just to correct you, Alex...the people were frozen, not dead, in that shot. In fact, the Visitor who showed the resistance leader this remarked that this was much like humans putting their food into freezers. The creepy parts were: 1) Some humans were put into mind warping booths and sent back to Earth to be proponents of the Visitors (one of the novels put out when the original series aired had scene where a priest recognized watching a TV broadcast that the Pope had been converted as he now blessed with the wrong hand - a sign of conversion).

    The other creepy, and rather unforgettable, scene was the female Visitor leader (Jane Badler) and a rat....think of a snake and how it eats food whole....yep.

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    Also, the Visitors in the old series were not "V's"... "V" stood for Victory: This was a sign of the underground resistance.
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