Season 1 Episode 10

Hearts and Minds

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 04, 2010 on ABC

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  • Hearts and Minds

    Hearts and Minds was a really great episode of V. I enjoyed watching this episode which saw Father Jack, Hobbes, and Ryan all scrambling after blowing up a V transport shuttle they thought was full of only Visitors. I found it very interesting to watch Lisa push Tyler away knowing what staying aboard the ship will mean for him. It was neat to see Anna continue to test Lisa and observe her reactions. I think this episode had a good story, moves the season forward, and it has great character development. This episode also gives us clues as to who else may be a sleeper V in the FBI. I look forward to watching more!!!!!!!
  • Wow...how stupid do the writers think we are?

    The resistance is finally fighting back with some big booms, and that usually means that they are at war, and collateral damage is to be expected yet at the very first sign of it, most of them lose the stomach for the fight. Yes, we get it, the resistance feels the loss of human life yet it just doesn't seem as believable or relatable as the writers would want us to.

    Obviously the guy getting queasy about this whole thing is Father Jack who then let slip a few details to Chad, who like a good dog goes back to Anna and tells her about it. What happened to finding out what really the visitors are up to? I was really excited when Chad confronted Anna about how most of the participants chosen for the live-aboard programs have no family or friends and not be missed if they disappeared but looks like that is just going to be water under the bridge now.

    Anna threatens to leave Earth after a supposed terrorist attack but leaders all over the world tell her to stay. What happened to the V's ruining the economies of different countries by providing expensive medical treatment for free? Lisa, probably the hottest of the Vs seems to have grown a conscience (unlike the rest of her family) and breaks up with Tyler but Anna likes to much to let him go. He's going to have a very bossy mother-in-law. Run Tyler, RUN!

    Even thought there was a lot going on this episode, it was all just so predictable and BORING. If the writers feel the need to ramp up the action and suspense they either need to find better actors with more energy or writers. I wouldn't complain if this show was aimed at the 11 – 15 age group but as an adult I think I would find more excitement watching Days of our lives instead.
  • After a superb start, consisting of charred corpses and moral conflict, the episode slides quickly into mediocrity and eventually disaster.

    The episode begins frantically with Hobbes aiming a ground-to-air missile at a v shuttle. After the inevitable explosion and destruction of the aircraft, Ryan, Father Jack and Hobbes scurry to explore the result of their most outlandish strike against the V's. To their horror, amongst the wreckage, lies not the husks of dead lizard people, but the burnt remains of Human passengers. At this point, the title sequence commences and I rub my hands together like a trench coat wearing, curb crawler.

    However, this was the point when the producers decided to use the laziest, most clichéd technique in Television; they pulled the '12 hours earlier' stunt. Why oh why do shows repeat this clumsy fragmented method of editing? It's effectively just spoiling the ending, whilst forcing you to watch the tiresome build up to the event you know is going to happen and will almost certainly have to watch again. Shows have managed to make the technique functional by keeping enough mystery surrounding the future event, so that the revelation of how it came to be, is intriguing and satisfying. V is not one of those shows.

    Anybody who has watched the program for more than an episode, can grasp the concept that the V's are somewhat devious and that the resistance didn't intentionally murder a ship full of human passengers. The events that cause this situation to take place could easily be explained in a short conversation consisting of:

    Ryan - "The V's are sending trackers to come get us… damn, we should shoot them with a big rocket launcher" [Gets rocket launcher]

    Father Jack - "Sh*t… these pieces of torso don't have scales"

    Hobbes - "My bad"

    If anyones interested in my full scathing review, go here:

  • Another good

    I think I figured out the problem with V: it is the timeslot.

    While the only reason it has not been canceled (yet) may be because it follows Lost, the fact that it comes on after the greatest drama of all-time just tires viewers it out. It's too much to have involved shows like this back-to-back. It is what killed Invasion and The Nine before it.

    This is a good show though. Outside of a few boring episodes, this is really a strong series with a definite direction and one that knows where it is headed and how it plans to get there. Anna is the perfect villain, without evening doing that much. And Elizabeth Mitchell deserves a TV series.

    Hopefully we see another season, but I have a feeling Season 1 will end with a cliffhanger and we'll never see how things play out.