Season 1 Episode 4

It's Only the Beginning

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on ABC
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Erica joins forces with an ally to investigate a biological threat. Elsewhere Anna asks Lisa to bring Tyler in for an experiment. Chad has second thoughts about the V's after some disturbing proof from a report.

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    Erica works with the allies to uncover a biological threat they believe the V's have been plotting. On the Mothership, Anna meets with a special guest, and Chad does a segment on V Healing Centers, but is conflicted by his findings. V explores the ideas of obsession of mind control. It's human nature. In the original series the backdrop explores those ideas with Nazism. V conveys a mixed message. We can't live with religion but we can't live without it because we know atheism and science don't have all the answers either. As for It's Only The Beginning. It is!

  • It's Only the Beginning

    It's Only the Beginning was a perfect and very entertaining episode of V. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of action, drama, intrigue, suspense, awesome special effects, and character development. Lisa invites Tyler to the New York Mothership to meet Anna and he gets to see some cool things. I enjoyed watching Anna as she questioned the medical staff, as she rules with strength and fear. I liked seeing more of this side of her, and learning more about the V's. Ryan gets some shocking news from Val after he, Jack, and Erica have just destroyed a V product being put into flu shots. The ending of this episode was Awesome! I think it's cool how their ships look like Reptilian Faces. I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Awesome show.

    It's excellent. Stargate Universe is awful if compared to this. Please learn from the makers of V.

    To those who think it will get axed, well it might. It's hard to know, but it wont be because of the quality of the show, instead due to stupid decisions. Just like Firefly.

    And to the person who said he wonder what they want, perhaps the water on earth? Yeah.

    Anyway, awesome show! Past-paced, a lot happens. And the actors are really good, the whole storyline is quite intriguing and they tell it in an interesting way, makes you want more and more and more.moreless
  • Better than previous ones

    I really think this episode was stronger than previous ones. I mean, this had some serious story development, some char moments and even with all that predictability (really.. can they come up with something shocking) it was enjoyable.

    I really loved Erica's storyline and the little resistance in work. That is what I thought the series will be so I am more and more excited to see that storyline developing.

    For my surprise, the most intriguing and catching storyline was the one on the ship, the resistance there and the choices those two V-s made. There was all what I expected, developed in very good form, with stunning dynamics.moreless
  • Erica finds out that Ryan is a V when Peter tries to kill a V and reveal his true nature. Also the resistance finds out that the V are poisoning the flu vaccine. Lisa invites Tyler to meet and speak with her mother. Valerie is pregnant by Ryan.moreless

    This was an improvement over the first three episodes. The episode moved with a better flow and we begin to really understand the truly vicious nature of the V.

    When Anna orders Joshua to skin the V traitor alive one begins to understand the true nature of this species. They not only dominate other species, but they dominate their own people by fear as well.

    Tyler is more than a little surprised when Lisa's mother turns out to be Anna herself. For some reason I think they are interested in trying to produce offspring or something of that type with the humans. I believe they are setting Lisa and Tyler up to do just that. Little do they know it has already successfully happened with Valerie and Ryan. The look on Ryan's face was priceless when Valerie told him.

    Speaking of Ryan, Erica finds out that he is a V and their relationship actually seems to become more relaxed. Their strike against the medical facility with Jack really was a blow to the V and somewhat surprising.

    The little piece they let us be privy to at the end was ominous at best. Are all those ships on their way here or is that just an example of the force the V's have at their disposal? This is definitely a change from the original series.

    So still a little slow and ponderous. An improvement on the first three episodes with some interesting action and a clearer idea of the lines of demarcation between the good guys and the bad guys. We'll also see how many people return to see the episodes when they start up again in March. Thanks for reading...moreless
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