Season 1 Episode 4

It's Only the Beginning

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Resistance movement led by Jack, Ryan and Erica and Georgio by looking for loopholes on their Healthcare initiative the aliens have come up with a V vitamin injection to supercharge human immune systems which can treat blindness and beat cancer. The renegades assume the V vitamin is bad but it turns out the Visitors are planning to mix lethal injections with human flu vaccines. And the worst thing about it is that Anna is taking advantage of the media and the predictability of humans, knowing that any health scare will cause them to get their flu shots in large numbers. Ryan, who has also revealed to Erica her true V nature, blows up the warehouse that contains the V medicines.

Tyler has a therapy session with Valerie. He discloses how he feels about the V's whereas his mother is dead set against them. Tyler fills Valeries with information about their healing abilities and Valerie wants to go for a check up. Anna and Lisa find Tyler as their chosen one.

Anna asks Joshua to skin alive his right hand man, who is also one of the loyal members of the 5th Column, takes the fall for Dale's death to be skinned alive.

Chad finds out he has an aneurysm and has six months to live but could get treated and could get past the long waiting list by making some sort of arrangement with the Vs.

Anna and Lisa bring Tyler to the ship. Anna shows Tyler around in the ship and takes him to the engine room and is pleased to see Tyler's reaction.

Valerie finds out she is expecting a baby at the V centre and reveals the good news to Ryan who seems a little upset at the prospect of having an alien/human hybrid baby.

Father Jack gets hurt.
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