Season 1 Episode 4

It's Only the Beginning

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on ABC

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    Erica works with the allies to uncover a biological threat they believe the V's have been plotting. On the Mothership, Anna meets with a special guest, and Chad does a segment on V Healing Centers, but is conflicted by his findings. V explores the ideas of obsession of mind control. It's human nature. In the original series the backdrop explores those ideas with Nazism. V conveys a mixed message. We can't live with religion but we can't live without it because we know atheism and science don't have all the answers either. As for It's Only The Beginning. It is!

  • It's Only the Beginning

    It's Only the Beginning was a perfect and very entertaining episode of V. I really enjoyed watching this episode because it was full of action, drama, intrigue, suspense, awesome special effects, and character development. Lisa invites Tyler to the New York Mothership to meet Anna and he gets to see some cool things. I enjoyed watching Anna as she questioned the medical staff, as she rules with strength and fear. I liked seeing more of this side of her, and learning more about the V's. Ryan gets some shocking news from Val after he, Jack, and Erica have just destroyed a V product being put into flu shots. The ending of this episode was Awesome! I think it's cool how their ships look like Reptilian Faces. I can't wait to watch the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Awesome show.

    It's excellent. Stargate Universe is awful if compared to this. Please learn from the makers of V.

    To those who think it will get axed, well it might. It's hard to know, but it wont be because of the quality of the show, instead due to stupid decisions. Just like Firefly.

    And to the person who said he wonder what they want, perhaps the water on earth? Yeah.

    Anyway, awesome show! Past-paced, a lot happens. And the actors are really good, the whole storyline is quite intriguing and they tell it in an interesting way, makes you want more and more and more.
  • Better than previous ones

    I really think this episode was stronger than previous ones. I mean, this had some serious story development, some char moments and even with all that predictability (really.. can they come up with something shocking) it was enjoyable.

    I really loved Erica's storyline and the little resistance in work. That is what I thought the series will be so I am more and more excited to see that storyline developing.

    For my surprise, the most intriguing and catching storyline was the one on the ship, the resistance there and the choices those two V-s made. There was all what I expected, developed in very good form, with stunning dynamics.
  • Erica finds out that Ryan is a V when Peter tries to kill a V and reveal his true nature. Also the resistance finds out that the V are poisoning the flu vaccine. Lisa invites Tyler to meet and speak with her mother. Valerie is pregnant by Ryan.

    This was an improvement over the first three episodes. The episode moved with a better flow and we begin to really understand the truly vicious nature of the V.

    When Anna orders Joshua to skin the V traitor alive one begins to understand the true nature of this species. They not only dominate other species, but they dominate their own people by fear as well.

    Tyler is more than a little surprised when Lisa's mother turns out to be Anna herself. For some reason I think they are interested in trying to produce offspring or something of that type with the humans. I believe they are setting Lisa and Tyler up to do just that. Little do they know it has already successfully happened with Valerie and Ryan. The look on Ryan's face was priceless when Valerie told him.

    Speaking of Ryan, Erica finds out that he is a V and their relationship actually seems to become more relaxed. Their strike against the medical facility with Jack really was a blow to the V and somewhat surprising.

    The little piece they let us be privy to at the end was ominous at best. Are all those ships on their way here or is that just an example of the force the V's have at their disposal? This is definitely a change from the original series.

    So still a little slow and ponderous. An improvement on the first three episodes with some interesting action and a clearer idea of the lines of demarcation between the good guys and the bad guys. We'll also see how many people return to see the episodes when they start up again in March. Thanks for reading...
  • Tyler is set to meet Anna. Ryan, Georgie, Jack and Erica track the V's to a hardware store and prove they arent good people. Chad gets a disturbing report.Cliffhanger anyone?

    I was hoping that by week four this show would have come up with some way of being atleast a decent 6.5/10 and yet it failed miserably. My final rating for this episode is 5.5/10. Below six and a fail on so many levels. Perhaps this episode was the weakest of all to date, so why would I rate it the same. Because I am tired of having to write how terrible this show is, so it is a lot easier to just give it an average rating. Ok so I will jump into the plot. Very Flashforward esque beginning with a cliffhanger start and then go back in time. Another flash forward esque thing was the shooting in the parking garage. Anyone reminded of Demetri, Weddeck and Benford shooting there way out while Dylans "Like A rolling stone" plyed softly in the background. V you are sci fi, stop with park garages and life ending pills and give me something alien like. So far the only thing that even remotely gave them away to be aliens was Dales underskin creature. I mean come on writers do something.

    Seriouly though many people might thing Lisa is gorgeous, but she shouldnt call herself an actress. The she wont bite line. I laughed for atleast 20 minutes. Hahaha I would have just booked out off the ship at the point. Is Tyler that hormonal and desperate for the attention of a young girl that is willing to mingle with aliens whom he knows nothing about except for they are all attractive. Come on, get a brain young Tyler and chill out.

    But honestly, enough with the whole supeer being nonsense, advanced intelligent crap, it is wsterotypical that an alien show would have a race far more advanced then the humans. Seriously Aliens probably dont even exist and really do they need what we have if they are that advanced. Think about it. What do super attractive aliens need with half dumb humans who cant seem to anything out. This show is so painful to watch, not because it drives your emotions wild but because it is so brutal and obvious that you just have to laugh, and after laughing so long you begin to experience pains your stomach. I never understood the whole ROFl expression. Aka "Roll on Floor Laughing" Until I tuned into V a couple weeks ago. Hahahaha sorry fans, this show wont make it past season 1. If Flash Forward doesnt and this show does, ABC needs to have a serious sit down and realize what they have cancelled and kept over the last few years. Most noteably Pushing Daisies and brining in things like this.

    Good luck in 2010 V. Prepare for the Invasion and get set to experience Bliss like you never felt it before. Seriously what was the bliss. The entire world getting to see Anna Naked all up on the big screen TV she brodcasts herself on. What was that?
  • Brilliant episode.

    Im very pleased thus far with how V has been progressing. Some people are saying the show is too slow, but I really dont see how. This episode like the past 3 has managed to establish the show into what looks like is going to be an awesome scifi series. This episodes brought a lot of new questions up. What is the V's overall plan for humanity? What do they want with Tyler? Also how big is this 5th collom? And what was that thing Anna did to control all the V's?

    This was a great episode, it was suspenseful and left us on a cliffhanger. Is Jack going to die? What are the army of V ships waiting for? and order for the invasion? I hope the next 9 episodes will be as good as this. I think V is turning out to be a very promising show...its just a shame about the long hiatus. Well lets hope next year V gets a full season order and can run the whole year. One other question, seeing a V is very plot based I wonder how much story the writers have planned. I cant see them coming up with enough new material to last more than say 3 seasons. Seeing as this isnt the type of show where you can have a filler episode.
  • Attention Stargate Universe! This is how scifi should be done!

    I see some review score of this episode that is too low, all I can say is you have a bias review. Comparing to other scifi that started this year, this show is on the top because of its good phasing, good acting, good looking actors and actresses, high quality special effects, and interesting plots. This episode is an eye opening of how the visitors are planning to take over our planet. There are suspense for the next episode, not like other series like Stargate Universe and How I Met Your Mother. I know HIMYM is not a scifi but I watch that show and I like the past season of that show but this season sucks except for the episode "the playbook".
  • Will the invasion make it before the axe?

    These 4 episode have been like a very long and slow intro. Some people say it give questions. What questions? Is it that hard? No.

    So what happen in this episode then? Again not much. Still going slow and this time they talked a little about the flu... yay great show... not.

    Hmm what else? Umm oh now we have seen the inside of the mothership, yes the machine!

    I think this episode had the worst special effects, it looked very greenscreen all the time. A little like a video game. Not that nice. Maybe they used all the budget to blow up the warehouse?

    So what else did this episode give us? Ohhh yes, the priest! Yes his no normal priest! Ohhhhh ohh. He knows how to fight! Yes... but didn't we know that by now?

    And it ends with a massive army of lizards in space. I bet it will take 6 episode before they are on earth! Or less if this show get kicked out!

    Horrible! Still slow, still no new question.

    1 out of 10 again.
  • Enjoyable.

    Why ABC is breaking up its scheduling of V into two sets of four episodes? Especially after a good episode like tonight's?

    I was shocked at the revelation that Ryan was a Visitor and it certainly changes the landscape of this show. That being said, I am still not completely enjoying this program. While things are progressing we need something more to go along with. People today have shortened attention spans and thus the lack of any real visitor/human conflict over these first four episodes is disappointing. Would it have killed them to have another huge fight between the two groups like in the pilot?

    The show is still good, and different from most of ABC's shows, but just a bit slow moving for my taste.
  • VERY interesting, but March is a long time to wait for all these questions.

    This was one great episode filled with the action the pilot brought us and the reveals that we've been waiting for.. however, don't expect this episode to crack everything open. We're still a long way from learning everything, and tonight was so heavy on reveals and plot developments probably because the show is going on hiatus until March (which I still think is a stupid plan) and they wanted to leave viewers with something to talk about.

    I like this whole resistance idea, with Erica, Ryan, Georgie and Jack.. If the Fifth Column plot can continue to be developed, it could lead to some really great storytelling. Also, it may seem extremely minor compared to the rest of what happened, but Ryan's fiancee being pregnant makes me wonder.. will the baby be a V/Human hybrid? Very weird stuff to think about, and the ending gives you this eerie feeling that none of the previous episodes have done.

    This was an exemplary episode of V, and a great way to go on hiatus. Now, if they could just go away for about a month instead of three, that would be excellent.
  • huh... That didn't go the way I expected.

    Generally the episode lacked "Cleverness".
    The setups were trite and standard television fare. As a SciFi fan I'm disappointed by the formulaic way this show is going. I'm also underwhelmed by the "cliffhanger".

    For a show that started so strong and at such a frenetic speed this show has slowed to almost a plodding pace. Its becoming ordinary way too quickly.

    While generally well performed the scenes lacked any sense of urgency. If all the main characters know the world is under threat then shouldn't they treat every moment like it may be their last? Simply put; They all seem like they're walking when they should be running.

    The C.G. looked like something from Babylon 5, and in 2009 that is not a good thing. All the interiors of the Visitor ships were so "blah". They should have bought and reworked the interiors from any Star Trek tv show or even B.S.G. Anything would have been better than what they gave us. The graphic artist on this show need to play HALO or any modern video game to get better ideas. What they gave us was just lazy.

    The "Only the beginning" moment was the most predictable moment on television. I just don't get it. How does that even count as a cliffhanger? Moreover, The moment between Ryan and Val was so pathetic I almost changed the channel. The scene with the "warrior priest" in the car and in the warehouse just left me cold. And they still haven't given us a reason to care about tyler.

    There are a lot of flaws. I hope they fix it in the next pod. As much as I love SciFi, I'm not gonna watch crap. Like I said before the show started off strong but is looking like Cotto at the end of the his last fight.
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