Season 1 Episode 7

John May

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The group wishes to rescue Georgie from the Mother Ship but are afraid that any attempt at invasion will alert the Vs to the leaders of the resistance. Ryan says that John May had a communications device which is able to contact Fifth Column members on the ship, and that if they talk to John's stepson, then they might be able to use the device to help Georgie. Meanwhile Anna wants to go forward with the Live Aboard program, inviting specially selected humans to the Visitor ships. What has she got in mind?

Chad again speaks to Anna about the program, and Anna insists that humans on the ships will be treated well, just as Georgie is is being tortured into revealing what he knows about the Fifth Column. A mechanical bug called a Scour is placed in Georgie's eye, where it crawls around just beneath his skin. Anna plans to get the identities of the resistance fighters from Georgie's head.

As Erica, Ryan, Jack, and Hobbs go to John May's old home, they meet with John's stepson, James. John was the first V to break free of Anna's influence and embrace human emotions, marrying a human woman and becoming stepfather to her son. James, however, doesn't know that his girlfriend, Grace, is a V sleeper agent sent to keep tabs on him. Not until Erica confronts her and Grace shows her true self. Hobbs kills her and a shocked James leads the group to the communications device.

Meanwhile, Lisa has found her way to Tyler and his dad, Joe. She had eavesdropped on Joe and Erica's conversation about how Tyler might not be Joe's real son. Lisa convinces Tyler that he should confront his dad about his true origins, and, angry, Tyler leaves Joe's house with Lisa, returning to the city and probably to the V mothership.

As Ryan uses the comms device to get a hold of Joshua on the mothership, a flashback reveals that John May and Ryan were part of the first V sleeper agents to infiltrate Earth. However, John started to accept humanity and wanted Ryan to do the same. Fearing that John would destroy the Visitors' invasion plans, Ryan ended up killing him, and making the death look like a suicide to John's wife and stepson.

Joshua finds Georgie, who is in enormous amounts of pain from the torture and is about ready to give up. He wants Joshua to kill him so that Anna wouldn't force him to expose the names of the resistance members. Jack gives Georgie Last Rites and Joshua puts Georgie out of his misery.

Erica wants to tell Tyler the truth about his father. Meanwhile, after reliving his time with John, Ryan wants to open up about his true identity. But it's too late, as Val has found Ryan's secret safe. She calls in a locksmith in order to open the safe, and she's not pleased with what she finds inside. While Chad starts to uncover the truth about the Visitors' plans for the humans aboard their ships, Anna begins to lay her eggs.
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