Season 1 Episode 7

John May

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • John May

    John May was a really great episode of V. I liked this episode because we learned more about John May and Ryan's connection to him. Anna continues to go through her own pregnancy as Val continues hers, though she finds some strange documents hidden in a locked safe in her closet. Tyler spends more time with his father, as Lisa shows up and causes trouble by telling Tyler the truth about his father. I thought Georgey was going through some very crazy torture, and Anna really plays her role well. Chad discovers a pattern in the people the V's have selected or shown interest in for the live aboard program. A lot has happened in this episode and I can't wait for the next one!!!!!!!
  • What a shame. Could have been a superb series or miniseries, if they just weren't so many holes in the story.

    Too many plotholes to keep the story afloat. I can't believe that every government in the world would welcome 'aliens' posing as humans so freely into their arms. The secret agencies such as the FBI working so openly with the Vs, come on!!! And that the whole media/public follows the whim of one little selfloving reporter. Don't get me started on the resistance, I mean, their whole agenda is to expose who the Vs really are to the public, but yet every time they kill a V, they have the chance to show the body to the world, which would help their cause and bump up their recruitment enormously, but they just get rid of the body or leave it there to rotten. And everytime they are on the move, you would think they would care more about their appearance, I mean, a priest with a cop blonde, driving in the same car with 3 weird looking men. "That wouldn't get anyone's attention, especially to the more technological advanced Vs who have eyes everywhere". The world is truly doomed, if these people are the ones leading the salvation army. And the whole 'V' army building thing, why not come already prepared with an army to preemptly crush resistance at the planet you are going to invade/exploit. It's just so fustrating to witness such lazy writing, I think the whole V concept would have worked better as a miniseries just like the original.
  • Best episode yet. The show is finally finding it's feet and things are getting interesting.

    The writers and producers are clearly listening to feedback as the entire atmosphere of the show has changed and it is definitely for the better. After last weeks episode I expressed a wish for Anna to become more sinister, I felt the duality of her character was a little weird and I obviously wasn't alone. Tonights episode gave a far more villainous portrayal of her role and she was able to provide tension even without dialogue. The entire episode felt darker and there was a definite sense of foreboding as the possiblity of all out war teeters on the horizon

    We finally find out the secret surrounding Tyler (I still hate this character) and Valerie learns more about what Ryan's been hiding from her. The main plot line of the resistance is developed and we even find out what happened to John May and why he is so revered.

    The show has clearly been given some love and attention and it has resulted in a much improved story and script. The green screen footage of the ship is still really poor however, with no shadows and poor lighting effects which make the characters appear like they are floating within a video game. I can't understand why in the scenes set in a white room, they can't just use a white room. Fair enough you need to create the ship backdrop, but surely they can create a white floor without a computer. I have one in my bathroom they could use.

    Overall, I am really enjoying the show and its new found direction. After 'The 4400' I was expecting another compelling story with good pacing and constant character development and 'V' is finally starting to deliver.
  • Some good action, and a few interesting twists and discoveries.

    I guess the writers paid some attention to us and ramped the action a bit, as well as a few surprises. The guy Tyler calls Dad is not really his biological father, screwing up Erica's plans to keep him safe from the Vs. I am really tired of hearing "Tyler's the one", at least give us hint here man.

    Bliss is what forced many of the V's, John May included to form the resistance. Many of the Vs found experiencing Human emotions much more "satisfying" then Anna's bliss. Sadly, John May is just an idea, the guy himself was killed ten years ago by none other then Ryan. So much for Johnny boy fighting with the resistance; I was looking forward to that.

    Two things of particular interest happen in this episode; Val finds out that Ryan is not what he tells her to be. She discovers a safe that has documents of Ryan's past aliases and those baby sonogram pictures. The poor guy wants to come clean but before he has a chance, she's gone. Chad discovers a trend in the selection of participants for the live-aboard program, and confronts Anna about it. Hmm… now this could be interesting.

    Georgie is being tortured for information however the resistance gets a message to the V doctor if he can help. For a race that has the tech to read minds and project the memories onto others, they don't seem too particular about monitoring what is going on their ships. The doctor is able to give Georgie a merciful death after he says the longest goodbye ever. I mean seriously?

    The message "John May lives" has sparked all sorts of rumors and stories amongst the Vs and Humans giving Anna the perfect opportunity to deliver one of her many empty threats, and I particular liked this one (yeah right!) – "I am going to give them a thousand defeats".

    Overall, a much better episode then Pound of Flesh but I fear the writers will have to do a lot better to survive.
  • John May

    Okay, this show got really stupid, and they somehow managed to do it all in one episode. Where shall I begin?

    Toasting to a minor character, a character that most viewers of the show probably did not the name of? And then to have the tough as nails, known criminal they brought in partaking in said toast? Come on man.

    And Tyler worrying about who his real daddy is makes him go to the V's? That's not using love against humans, Ana, that's just using illogical cause and effect scenarios.

    I found myself flipping between this and basketball on TNT. I picked a good episode to do that too as the game was good and this was not so much.
  • Revelations

    The message sent in last episode starts to have a meaning as we learn who John May is and what is his importance.

    I most say, I did not so much liked the main storyline with that May thing.. but those side storilines. Vallerie getting close to the truth.. and learning what is happening.. Not all, but getting idea that what he sees is not what really exists. That probably leads to some interesting developments. And even the Tyler storyline gets some interesting turns.. Not that I am really having enough of it. Really.. The storyline is quite dull, on the same spot, going around same thing..