Season 1 Episode 7

John May

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • Best episode yet. The show is finally finding it's feet and things are getting interesting.

    The writers and producers are clearly listening to feedback as the entire atmosphere of the show has changed and it is definitely for the better. After last weeks episode I expressed a wish for Anna to become more sinister, I felt the duality of her character was a little weird and I obviously wasn't alone. Tonights episode gave a far more villainous portrayal of her role and she was able to provide tension even without dialogue. The entire episode felt darker and there was a definite sense of foreboding as the possiblity of all out war teeters on the horizon

    We finally find out the secret surrounding Tyler (I still hate this character) and Valerie learns more about what Ryan's been hiding from her. The main plot line of the resistance is developed and we even find out what happened to John May and why he is so revered.

    The show has clearly been given some love and attention and it has resulted in a much improved story and script. The green screen footage of the ship is still really poor however, with no shadows and poor lighting effects which make the characters appear like they are floating within a video game. I can't understand why in the scenes set in a white room, they can't just use a white room. Fair enough you need to create the ship backdrop, but surely they can create a white floor without a computer. I have one in my bathroom they could use.

    Overall, I am really enjoying the show and its new found direction. After 'The 4400' I was expecting another compelling story with good pacing and constant character development and 'V' is finally starting to deliver.
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