Season 1 Episode 7

John May

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2010 on ABC

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  • What a shame. Could have been a superb series or miniseries, if they just weren't so many holes in the story.

    Too many plotholes to keep the story afloat. I can't believe that every government in the world would welcome 'aliens' posing as humans so freely into their arms. The secret agencies such as the FBI working so openly with the Vs, come on!!! And that the whole media/public follows the whim of one little selfloving reporter. Don't get me started on the resistance, I mean, their whole agenda is to expose who the Vs really are to the public, but yet every time they kill a V, they have the chance to show the body to the world, which would help their cause and bump up their recruitment enormously, but they just get rid of the body or leave it there to rotten. And everytime they are on the move, you would think they would care more about their appearance, I mean, a priest with a cop blonde, driving in the same car with 3 weird looking men. "That wouldn't get anyone's attention, especially to the more technological advanced Vs who have eyes everywhere". The world is truly doomed, if these people are the ones leading the salvation army. And the whole 'V' army building thing, why not come already prepared with an army to preemptly crush resistance at the planet you are going to invade/exploit. It's just so fustrating to witness such lazy writing, I think the whole V concept would have worked better as a miniseries just like the original.