Season 2 Episode 3

Laid Bare

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2011 on ABC

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  • Still struggling

    Laid bare was another disopointing epsiode V it was an improvemnt over last week but still struggled to grip my attention.

    Once agian not that much happend in this episode Erica and the gang just tried to get answer's out of Erica's partner malik who last week was uncoverd as a V this story wasnt very interesting and was just abit boring, Anna's story was an improvemnt but still not great the whole human soul thing is abit stupid and i dont really like that direction. however i did enjoy the dilemma that Lisa was put in this week being ordered to take a human and then later being comforted by Erica, lisa is quickly becoming the most intresting chracter on the show.

    Overall laid bare wasnt terrible but it wasnt great either i just hope V can get back to the quality i no it capable of.
  • Laid Bare

    Laid Bare was a superb episode of V, picking up where the last episode left off. I really enjoyed watching this episode because Erica gets the upper hand and some luck as Jack and Hobbes come to help her. Now having Malik, Erica has to cover. I thought it was interesting to learn Lisa is going through changes, or puberty for V Queens. Anna asked Ryan to find Malik, however it is hard to tell just which side of the fence he is playing for through out the episode. Anna is heartless as ever in controlling Ryan, and in testing Lisa. Sid discovered something very interesting about Tyler's DNA. Chad Decker gets used by Anna again, and it hurts father Jack. I thought it was interesting how they skined Malik for answers, and there was even a touching moment as Erica gave her the sedative and as she drifted she shed a tear! Anna weaves Tyler deeper into her web of deceipt. Enjoyed watching Anna and Diana interact. I look forward to watching more episodes!!!!!!!
  • Still needs work

    Once again, the writers try for a bit of layering, though I can't be sure how well they managed to put it off. This time, it's the question of what lies beneath the surface. As we see Malik being skinned in the attempt to torture her into revealing the truth, we also see Anna trying to drill down (literally and figuratively) into a human being to find the soul. With a bit more polish, it might have been clever.

    We also have the interplay between Erica and Anna, as their "dueling mother" routine from the latter end of the first season continues. Erica is becoming Lisa's refuge, as the aborning queen's loyalties shift more and more towards humanity. Anna, on the other hand, is suborning Tyler and turning him into a tool against her enemies. As with other plot elements, it places the battleground for control of Earth squarely on the Lisa/Tyler relationship, which is quite a gamble, given how boring Tyler has turned out to be.

    The whole search for the "soul" is a bit corny, but it does suggest an interesting thought process. The underlying question seems to be: if one poses as human, will humanity follow? Anna treats human emotion as a contaminant to be purged, but she is often emotionally driven herself. But that doesn't necessitate the emergence of a soul, so there's a bit of questionable logic involved. The writers might be better served to explore this in more detail.

    Ryan's status is nice and complicated, and it will be interesting to see whether or not they can make his inner conflict workable. Right now, it seems like he's playing along with Anna in the hopes that his Resistance allies will find a way to rescue his daughter before he can no longer resist. I can easily see this evolving into a situation where he tries to play both sides, and it comes back to bite him.

    The subplot involving Jack was a little too neat, even if it managed to address a lingering plot point. Jack's earlier open resistance to the Visitors had to be mentioned sooner or later, and this plays into that. On the other hand, even with Visitor assistance, it's hard to imagine that it would spread that quickly and not be recognized for what it was. The concept was there, but "Babylon 5" did it better in the episode "The Illusion of Truth", which was all about how the media can be used to spread propaganda.

    Then again, when the writers have Tyler running around as a healthy human being with half of his DNA missing, it's clear that the plot elements have to be taken with a grain of salt. It's too bad, because the stability in the writers' room was supposed to yield better material than this, and while there are some improvements, there's still a lot left to be desired.
  • laid bare

    I was not sure if V would be of the same quality in its second season, but it is turning out to be just as good as the first. The problem? The first season was just good, it was not great.

    Tonight's V definitely lived up to the hype from the inner geek in me with graphic skinning of the visitor and the spaceship at the end. It was a fast-moving show, that is always a good thing, but I have to wonder what the end game is for this version of the show. When is Anna going to put her plan in action? ABC doesn't seem like it's going to be patient anymore with this show.
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