Season 2 Episode 10

Mother's Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2011 on ABC
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To ensure the V's evolution, Anna continues to focus on Lisa breeding with Tyler. Meanwhile, both Erica and Diana urge Lisa to save humanity by removing Anna from power. But, even with the help of the Fifth Column, an attempted coup by Lisa has devastating results.

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  • Going out in style

    Lousy show but great final episode!
  • The best episode of V yet!

    wow where to begin , this episode was intense and best overall and had some major characters killed off and I felt like they killed of the right ones especially Tyler. he was annoying as hell but wow his death was unexpected and Ryan's death was just sad and tragic , killed by his own daughter? cruel. And Anna was badass this episode showing she is not to be underestimated, clearly she won this fight but the war continues ... or does it? i really hope it don't get cancelled because overall i think season 2 have been good and even great much better than season 1 please renew this show ABC i beg you atleast give it a real satisfying ending!moreless
  • If it comes back for season 3, it will probably be a whole new show!

    WARNING: Massive spoilers ahead! :)

    This episode was SUCH A TURNPOINT to this show! As far as I know, opinions are divided on the renewal for a season 3. So much went on the second season finale that, if it does come back for a third season, I think it will be something completely different.

    Ok, now big spoilers:

    For what we've seen, Ryan is probably dead... but V's are hard to kill, I'm not sure if a simple neck-twist would kill him. Anyway, I think his character was just getting boring, so if he dies, it's really fine by me.

    About Tyler, I think he was one of the most annoying and stupid characters on the show, so because of that I'm glad he died. On the other hand, it will be SO SAD to see Erica's reaction when she finds out! :( She loves her son so much (thumbs up for Elizabeth Mitchell's acting on that), and after losing her ex-husband-and-soon-to-be-again I think it will be literally a trauma.

    So, just when she decided to be "less tough", she loses her son and finds out a secret government division that wants to take down the V's? I don't know, but I think we can expect a very much darker Erica on the way.

    Chad Decker is one of the key elements to get to Anna, so my opinion is that he will get away with the voice identification thing. I'm sure the creators of the show will find a way to do that, cause if they don't... the fate of Chad is decapitation for sure. And on that matter, I don't think it was just a random thing that they didn't give away his fate after the V's come to take him to Anna!

    So, Diana's death, the evil Amy and Lisa's "mean clone", father Jack getting caught on Amy's bliss, lots of ships hovering above the cities... Oh my God, where is all of this going? This has got to be one of the most shocking and full-of-twists season finales in a while. Adding it all up, I must say I was really impressed by how much the show got better on the second season, and how strong this season finale was! I just didn't give it a 10 for personal reasons... I'm a "happy-ending" kind of guy, so I was really sad about how things turned out here, so dark and hopeless.

    Oh well, I wrote more than I planned to! lol But that's my review for this one... let me know what you all think, what you agree and what you disagree on! :)moreless
  • A Fantastic End

    An end to a fantastic second series, I have enjoyed every episode and it gets better and better, The actors really seem to be settling down into their characters and the more I see the more I grow to like each individual character. I didn't see the Amy thing coming at the end. I'm kinda glad Tyler's character has finished because it was getting kinda boring. I was growing to Like Dianna though I did feel when I saw her we had fallen for a second into a episode of Dynasty or something similar, but hey I liked her :-(

    Classy music at the end, a really excellent surprise choice! Go Loreena McKennitt!moreless
  • "V: Mother's Day" in Five Minutes: Joy to the world! It's over.

    Erica: GAH! I dreamed Anna shot me! What a nightm--Hobbes: Lie back down in my arms, dearie.Erica: Okay, THIS is worse.

    Anna: It's mating season!Marcus: Ew.Anna: Tyler will father the next V generation!Marcus: Double-ew.Freaky Amy: Mommy, I'm scared for you!Anna: No worries, punkin! Mommy is barren, so I won't mate at all!Marcus: May I PLEASE be dismissed?

    Diana-gram: It's coup time. Now-ish.Erica: Is everyone on board with this?Chad, Jack, Hobbes: Present.Erica: Great. And Ryan, we need you up on the ship.Ryan: *groan* I KNEW that "more-valuable-on-the-ground" business was bulls**t. Every other week: ship, ground, ship, ground ...Jack: At least you're relevant.Ryan: Yeah, as the only black ping-pong ball in existence, I'm unique.

    Lisa: Mmm, that coffin-ride was so luxuriously foreshadow-y.Erica: Shoot your mom.Lisa: Uh ... okay, I guess.

    Chad: Breaking news: Anna's daughter is in mortal peril!Fifth Column Kidnap Video: See?Anna: I will go to her rescue, just like they demand.Thomas: My turtleneck is tingling; that's a bad sign.

    Anna: OMG! Erica, you're still in the FBI?!Agent Chris: Yeah, I thought that was kinda bulls**t myself.Erica: I swear to you, Anna, your safety is my top concern.Anna: Why are your fingers crossed?Erica: No reason.

    Joshua: Hail-and-welcome to the V walking openly on the very ship which, not two weeks ago, was on lockdown because we were ALL looking for you!Ryan: Oh, stop! I'm blushing avocado-green under this human skin!

    Anna: Why, Jack! I'm shocked! You actually have something to do!Jack: Yeah, it's a big day for me. Here are the kidnappers' written demands.Tracker-V: [SNIFF SNIFF] Ruff!Anna: Thanks, Jack. And now, your relevance plunges back to zero.Jack: 'sokay. I've got God on my side.Anna: I hope to meet this God of yours.Jack: We're totally working on that.

    Agent Chris: Fifth Column bugged out, leaving your daughter alone in there.Anna: That would sound suspicious, if Fifth Column didn't have a rich history of failure. [PODIUM] Ahem. Motherhood. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. That is all.Crowd: Wooo!

    Hobbes: Okay, Lisa, here's the gun. Your mom's coming, so I'll scatter. Bye!Anna: Hi, Lisa. If I tell you exactly what you want to hear, will you agree not to shoot me?Lisa: Deal.

    Chad: ... and now mother and daughter have emerged unharmed! Which should surprise no one.Erica: [PHONE] Hello, Diana? Anna's alive. Don't do the coup.Diana: Oh, I didn't put on this sumptuous, new gown to go skulk in the dungeon. [CLICK]Erica: Lisa, you totally screwed up!Lisa: But Anna's full of peace and love now! I saw it in her eyes!Erica: You mean her FAKE human-eye overlays?! Really! When you joined Fifth Column, I never dreamed you'd become as stupid as we are!

    V's: Oooo, Diana looks fabulous!Diana: Hello, sweeties! Peace and love will rule our people forev--Anna's Tail: [SHANK]Diana: *Erk!*Anna: See, Lisa? I'm cooler than you could ever be! Take her to the dungeon! The rest of you, kneel before my awesome villainy!Joshua: Ryan, you're more valuable on the ground now.Ryan: *groan* That phrase has been thrown at me so many times, it's lost all meaning.

    Ryan: Hi, Freaky Amy. Let's get out of here.Freaky Amy's Tail: [STRANGLE]Ryan: *Gak!* I die ... as I lived ... pointlessly. *Urrgh!*

    Erica: [PHONE] Tyler, here's everything on the V's, which I could have told you from the first episode. You're in mortal danger!Tyler: Wowee! I'm gonna go verify that with my alien girlfriend! [CLICK]Erica: WHAT?! How could he BE that stupid?! He's not even in Fifth Column!

    Agent Chris: Well, we caught Erica on surveillance telling that she's Fifth Column.FBI Chief: 'cause seeing her LITERALLY in bed with Hobbes wasn't proof enough.Agent Chris: So, we won't have to watch surveillance video of Erica and Hobbes getting frisky anymore.FBI Chief: That reminds me: I have a handkerchief for you to wash.

    Anna: Behold, my queen-egg-blob has hatched! Turn her into ... Lisa's evil twin!Joshua: "Dynasty" with spaceships; that's all this is anymore.

    Erica: Hi, gang. What's our status?Chad: Hobbes ghosted on us, your stupid kid is in enemy clutches, and Ryan is dead.Jack: It's the long, dark night of the soul here in the Honeycomb Hideout.Erica: Oh, Jack! You should have been our role model from the start!Jack: Oh, no! She's entering the final, debilitating stages of phythkolimitis! The stupidity is sucking her in!

    Marcus: My queen, I did half-kinda-sorta betray you.Anna: I'm cool with that. By the way, I un-scrambled the voice in that Fifth Column kidnap video; it's Chad Decker.Marcus: Gosh, that simple procedure might've been useful the moment we got that video.Joshua: My queen, meet your new daughter.Evil Lisa: I am ready to serve you, Mother ... aaaaand Satan!

    Evil Lisa: Hi, doughboy. Inseminate me immediately.Tyler: Isn't that a little freaky?Evil Lisa: Hardly. The rumors about us being lizards under human skin are exaggerated.Tyler: No, I meant losing our virginity in front of floor-to-ceiling windows.Evil Lisa: Oh, piffle. It's not like we're having web-cam sex!

    Anna: Watch, Lisa! Web-cam sex from the comfort of your dungeon!Lisa: *sob!* *despair!*Evil Lisa: [CHOMP]Audience: About f***ing time.

    Erica: I've been kidnapped!Lars: By me. I'm Lars. You might remember me from 1983.Erica: And this command center ... it's straight out of "WarGames"!Lars: Also from 1983!Agent Chris, FBI Chief: Cool, huh?Lars: Project Aries has been working tirelessly against the V's. Since 1983!Erica: What have you accomplished?Lars: Uh ... well, nothing. But we don't have all the screw-ups that Fifth Column does, either!Erica: Don't you know the Fifth Column motto? "If you're not failing, you're not trying!"

    Marcus: We just nabbed Chad Decker.Anna: Later. I'll do my global-bliss-yoga first. ARRRGH! ARRRGH! ARRRGH! NOT WORKING!Freaky Amy: Let me show you how it's done, Mommy. Mmmmm ...Globe: Ahhh!

    Erica: Wha--?! People, snap out of it! Ignore those glittery disco balls in the heavens! ... JACK?! You too?!Jack: Ahhh ... so pure ... the purity ... such ... pure ... bulls**t.

    FIN DU FINmoreless
Marc Singer

Marc Singer

Lars Tremont

Guest Star

Jay Karnes

Jay Karnes

Chris Bolling

Guest Star

Martin Cummins

Martin Cummins


Guest Star

Jane Badler

Jane Badler


Recurring Role

Roark Critchlow

Roark Critchlow

A.D. Paul Kendrick

Recurring Role

Mark Hildreth

Mark Hildreth


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In this episode, 13 minutes and 5 seconds in, just after Anna has the press conference telling the world about the kidnapping of her daughter Lisa, when she walks away from the stage and speaks to her security officer she mistakenly tells him to "Leak the location where the FBI is holding Lisa." In fact, it is the Fifth Column who is holding Lisa as we all know and not the FBI.

    • Marc Singer who played Mike Donovan in the original "V" appears as Lars Tremont, the leader of Project Aries. Singer is the second cast member from the original "V" to appear, after Jane Badler, who plays Diana.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Diana: (dying) Daughter...
      Anna: You taught me everything you know, but you never learned half of what I know.
      Diana: You've just...doomed us all.

    • Diana: We must act immediately.
      Kyle: It's your call. You're the leader. What do you think?
      Erica: No. This involves all of us. It is all of our calls.
      Chad: We've come too far to turn back now.
      Jack: All my life, I turned to the sky to see God. Now I look at the sky, I see 29 ships. Beyond them, hundreds more. I want to look to the sky and see God again.
      Kyle: I'm with you.

    • (In Erica's dream)
      Anna: No one understands what it feels like to have the weight of an entire species on your shoulders. Every decision, every hard choice. No one except you. You understand. To survive, you must show no mercy, be void of any humanity...just like me.
      Erica: I am nothing like you.
      Anna: Yes, you are, Erica. You're exactly like me.

    • Anna: (To Lisa, after killing Diana) Now that's how you kill your mother!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 15, 2011 on A
      United Kingdom: May 19, 2011 on Syfy/Syfy HD
      Poland: July 26, 2011 on TVN
      Czech Republic: December 17, 2012 on FANDA