Season 2 Episode 10

Mother's Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

In order to bring Anna away from the watchful eyes of her guards, the team plans on setting up a fake kidnapping of Lisa. Lisa would then be able to kill Anna. The ransom message demands that Anna give herself up in order to save her daughter. The Visitors figure out where Lisa is being held, and Anna wishes that this information be given to the FBI.

Anna goes to the meeting place, an abandoned warehouse, while a throng of police and news reporters wait outside. Anna sees that Lisa is armed, so she feigns worry for Lisa in order to take advantage of Lisa's burgeoning human emotions. Lisa falls for it and gets rid of her gun.

Lisa and Anna leave the warehouse together, much to the surprise of the Resistance. Meanwhile, Ryan is on the mothership to help free Diana, but now that the kidnapping plan has backfired, she needs to be placed back in prison. However, Diana refuses to go back, wanting instead to speak with her people as their rightful queen.

Diana tells the Vs about the benefits of a human soul and wishes both Visitors and humans to live together in peace. Her speech is cut short when Anna kills her, which shocks Lisa.

Amy has been completely brainwashed by Anna into thinking that she's her real mother, and she refuses to go with Ryan. Distrustful of her father, Amy ends up snapping Ryan's neck with her tail.

Erica tries to contact Tyler about the Visitors' true plans for humanity, which tips off Bolling and Kendrick that Erica is working for the Resistance. Erica later finds herself kidnapped by Lars Tremont, who says he is the leader of Project Aries.

The new queen egg hatches, and Anna orders that her new daughter be given skin which will make her look exactly like Lisa. The fake Lisa and Tyler mate, while the real Lisa (now imprisoned in Diana's old cell) looks on via video camera. The mating session ends when the fake Lisa embeds her fangs into Tyler's neck.

Anna uncovers Chad Decker's ties to the Fifth Column and orders him to come aboard the mothership to witness her attempt to instill Bliss into every human on Earth. However, when she starts with the Bliss, her eyes begin to bleed.

As humanity is engulfed in Anna's Bliss, the members of Project Aries, safely ensconced underground, are not. Lars Tremont tells Erica that Project Aries is made up of a group of military and world leaders who distrusted the Visitors from the beginning and wish to fight against them.

Erica discovers that Paul and Chris are members of the project. She heads up to the surface to check on her fellow humans, but they're all in the midst of receiving Anna's Bliss, including Father Jack. Anna continues her mental assault on humanity, and Amy looks on as the V motherships loom closer to Earth.