Season 2 Episode 10

Mother's Day

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2011 on ABC

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  • With such a story driven show you can go several ways with a season finale, one of which is to go all out. V did exactly that with Mother's Day and in such fashion that it actually became good.

    For a show that I thought was doomed with a lot of bad actors and horrible special effects, this episode proved V knows how to deal with both and turn it into something good. The story was powerful, fast paced, action packed and, dare I say, game changing.
    First of all, I love finales that don't shy away from killing the better part of their cast. In that respect, V outdid itself. The horrible Tyler found his death by mating with an alien who he believed was his girlfriend, only to have his neck ripped out, all of which was filmed and shown to his actual girlfriend as a punishment. The girls mother, Anna, meanwhile killed her own mother publicly to prove she was still in charge. Ryan got killed by his daughter who eventually sacrificed herself to help her other mother Anna hypnotize entire mankind.
    See, that's good television. It's quite ridiculous but once you buy into it, the whole thing feels like a Greek tragedy...with aliens. Every scene provided a twist, a shocking death or a great tease for the new season. All of which led to a mother of a cliffhanger.