Season 1 Episode 6

Pound of Flesh

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2010 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Fifth Column have begun to attack the Visitors' ships with suicide bombs. Anna discovers that the members the renegade group are immune to Bliss and are developing human-like emotions instead. Therefore, the easiest way to root out the rebels is to show them images of devastation and see how they react.

Kyle Hobbes tells the group that they need to send a message to the rest of the Fifth Column members who may be hiding on Earth that now is the time to mobilize. They can sneak a message on one of Anna's scheduled messages to the people of Earth, but need someone to get on board the mothership in order to do that. Ryan volunteers, since he needs to obtain phosphorous for Valerie. The hybrid baby in her uterus is absorbing all of the phosphorous in her body, and if she doesn't get a booster, she'll die.

Ryan boards the ship but is caught up in one of the Fifth Column tests, which he fails. Thankfully, both the Visitors who administered the test (including Joshua) are Fifth Column members as well, and vow to help Ryan with his task to send a message to the rest of the rebels. Meanwhile, Kyle attempts to find out all he can about his fellow rebels, and Father Jack asks Chad to try and find out everything he can about the Vs during his treatment for the brain aneurysm.

Tyler has heard about a plan for humans to live aboard V ships, and he's excited to take them up on the offer. Erica has to play the loving mom because she's aware of the camera in Tyler's ambassador's jacket. Before Tyler can leave for the ship, Erica decides to take him to see his father. Tyler doesn't get to see his father much, so his excitement over going to the V ship is overtaken by his joy at spending time with Dad. He tearfully confesses to his father that he still blames himself for the divorce, that if it weren't for the motorcycle accident, the family would still be together. Tyler's dad reminds him that it isn't his fault. However, later on, he tells Erica that Tyler needs to be told the truth about who he is.

Which doesn't help matters when Lisa shows up at Tyler's dad house.

Georgie speaks with Valerie and discovers that she's pregnant, which obviously worries him. Ryan hasn't returned from the ship yet so Georgie decides to go after him. Aboard the ship, Georgie attacks and kills a V guard who was growing suspicious of Ryan, and as Georgie is taken into custody, this is Ryan's chance for escape.

Anna sends a message to the people of Earth about the program which will allow humans to live aboard the Visitor ships. However, the message is marred by another, more sinister one: "John May Lives."