Season 1 Episode 6

Pound of Flesh

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2010 on ABC

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    Anna introduces her program to invite select humans to stay on the 29 spaceships; Ryan must deal with Valerie's pregnancy being wildly accelerated; Tyler learns a secret about his mother. V plays to our greatest fears as human beings. It preys on our fear of chaos, change and an uncertain future. The aliens come to the Earth in our greatest hour of need. They command our devotion and trust and strict obedience. V simply reflects our culture's mass confusion over religion ironically including the UFO cult phenomenon. We can't live with one form of organized religion. So we are spiritual not religious. The critical analysis of this may suggest that this is in fact making God into our image and making our culture our religion.

  • Pound of Flesh

    Pound of Flesh was a really superb episode of V. I enjoyed the multiple story lines coming together to form a spectacular episode. The V's announce their live aboard program, while it is really the next step in their true plans. I thought it was great to learn a little more about Val's pregnancy and it was cool to see Ryan risk every thing to get her what she needed while being introduced to Joshua in the process. This episode definitely moves the season forward as a signal saying John May Lives goes out across the world, Val's pregnancy progresses rapidly, Anna deals with traitors in her midst, and Georgey sacrafices himself to save Ryan. I look forward to watching more!!!!!!!
  • A so-so episode.

    I like this show and while it may not be one of the best remakes out there, it makes an effort. However with an episode like "Pound of Flesh" it really makes me wonder how long will this show last? That said, here's what happened this week. Anna continues with her efforts to gain the trust of humanity by starting a program that lets a selected few humans experience life on the V ships around the world. To start the program, Anna is set to broadcast a message to world. Hobbs sees this as an opportunity. His plan is to hijack Anna's signal and use it to send out a message to the "phantom" fifth column who is scattered throughout the world to come out of hiding and unite to expose the V's for who they really are (not the friends they claim to be). The only problem is that it would require somebody to actually go on the mother ship and do this. I was expecting some fancy computer hacking but I guess this was more exciting (not really). Val's pregnancy is also accelerating and she's in need of phosphorous, something that all pregnant V mothers need and the only place it can be found in the form required is on the V mother ship. Ryan is the obvious choice here, and while on the ship he's cornered by the V doctor who running tests to find Vs who are immune to Anna's "bliss". Fortunately for Ryan, he's a fifth column supporter and helps Ryan plant the message and also make his gateway. Unfortunately Ryan takes longer then originally planned making the others nervous, including Georgie who with Hobbs encouragement decides to go up and help Ryan, and in doing so get captured.

    The message is successfully delivered and the team is happy albeit a little sad that they have lost Georgie who honestly the show had little use of now that resistance was in place, and while he could have easily escaped with Ryan, I think its good riddance of a character that had nothing left to do but be a tracker. Honestly how hard is it to track a man when you know is a priest, and what church he belongs to?

    Smaller plots include Father Jack warning Chad to be careful of what he endorses on TV without exactly telling him why. I mean what is the point of warning somebody to be careful when you don't tell them what to be careful off?

    Erica convinced that Tyler will be one the humans selected to stay on the mother shop takes him to his Father, the one person he loves more then the V's who then proceeds to tell him that its not Tyler's fault he split with his mother, blah blah blah. Unfortunately for Erica Tyler's V girlfriend tracks him down, because she missed him. I wish had a girlfriend like that. So yeah, that's about it, no cliff hangers, no wow moments, just "yeah I could have told you that" story lines.
  • Now, this is a great episode

    There have been news that this episode had the worst viewer count yet for this show. Sadly, this episode was also V's best.

    Over the course of five dull episodes of planning and no initiative, it has learned to quickly move its plot and intrigue the audience with story plots until the end of the episode.

    The acting was better this time around too. Mainly thanks to Morris Chestnut, for playing Ryan, who basically carried out the whole episode. Charles Mesure, who joined the cast recently as Hobbes, is also very interesting and it seems like the next episode would be centric to him.

    Where the other episodes failed and this one did not is excellent storytelling. Instead of expanding one story plot and only one story plot for the entire episode, this one weaved several interesting stories into one.

    Ryan and Valerie's baby seem to serve a great purpose. We also see the rise of the Fifth Column. Hobbes is an interesting character as he is a loose cannon. And the discussion between Father Jack and Chad is a quick, serving an interesting story and character development. Georgie's motives and actions plan out the next episode, and John May seems to be the leader of the fifth column.

    The only story plot that was unnecessarily long was Erica dropping Tyler off to his father. Unlike the other story plots where viewers ask themselves the questions, the scenes where Erica and her ex-husband talks about Tyler and never answering any of the questions because the camera cut off makes us feel cheated.

    Other than that, this is a great episode and if this episode is the sign of what's to come: this show will be a success.
  • interesting developments...

    I am really starting to love this show! figures - as it's looking like it's on a slippery slope ratings-wise. I'm curious! I'm curious about Val's developing hybrid baby; I'm wondering if they can rescue Georgie from the ship; and i'm seriously asking myself what's the 'big secret' about who Tyler really is. Also catching my interest is Anna's bid to grow an army (wondering how that works exactly); who John May will turn out to be (was there a "John May" or John May equivalent in the original?). It was also really cool seeing Krycek as Tyler's dad. I thought he did a good job. And, as every week, Anna is so cold yet so elegant - it is a deeply chilling combination - she is an excellent, excellent villain.
  • Sending messages

    So.. V-s are going to take one step further and let people live in their ships. We can only wonder why. And that leads to quite interesting developments. I mean.. it finally feels like something is up and going and the all thing on the ship.. Ryan there.. following his own agenda and getting caught.. put by the right guys and making contact with the fifth column by that. I liked that development. I really expect them to get their act together.

    And if the whole thing with Ryan wasn't enough.. then George going there.. and doing his part to help them.. So.. everything seems to come to the place.
  • Still want to punch Tyler square in the face but the show's now on the right track. The writers have chosen a direction and it looks promising.

    Hmmmm, we are not quite there yet, but things are definately looking up. On paper, the plot is ridiculous but as District 9 proved, that doesn't have to mean the story feels unrealistic or impossible. Although it still comes across a little silly at times, with the Lizard people and army production via sex with muscular guys with boyish faces, plot lines are falling into place and most (if not all) are compelling. The star of the show is unquestionably Ryan who is given a good proportion of screen time in the episode and his newly conceived lizard baby should prove to be an interesting source of tension.

    I'm still on the fence about the way Anna is portrayed. As much as I love Morena Baccarin's face (seriously, I have a school boy crush on her that makes it difficult for me to concentrate on the show) I can't quite get into the sociopath hive queen thing. I would like her to be a bit darker and a little less weird with the sniffing prospective mates and the relentless half smile.
    I do like that they have begun to deal with a few more adult themes like the culling of V's not devoted to Anna and the way we left Georgie being tortured. I'm also pleased with the inclusion of the Mercenary character (I forget his name. It has dampened some of that family friendly vibe that most ABC shows suffer from and it all feels a little more grown-up.

    I still do have a problem with the Tyler character however, and the way his sub-plot is developing. I just find him so wet and unlikable. We are teased with the idea that there is something special about him. I'm just half expecting it to be that his anatomy is absent a spine or a set of balls. Also I really hope he stops doing that sickly highschool musical smile to Anna's daughter. Oh I just realised writing this that they've written out his chubby friend. I suppose this does show that that the writers are listening to feedback. He did after all fail in the fat best friends mission in life which is to provide comic relief and always stay in the background.

    All in all I'm pleased with the way the show has seemed to pull its act together and the story lines introduced in the last few episodes are extremely promising. I do hope they spend less time on the ship though, the green screening looks really sketchy and unconvincing.
  • The show is starting to lose me.

    You know that song Numb Encore by Jay-Z and Linkin Park where they say, "What the h are you waiting for?" Well, that's sort of like how I feel about the show. Elizabeth Mitchell stop saying you're going to attack the V's, then you're not, then you are again, then you're going to wait. And stop having Ana say she is going to take action and then do nothing for an entire episode.

    Do something! The show is just not doing enough to retain viewers from Lost, or even people who enjoyed the show during its first run a few months ago.

    Something big better happen soon. What are you waiting for V?