Season 1 Episode 6

Pound of Flesh

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2010 on ABC

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  • A so-so episode.

    I like this show and while it may not be one of the best remakes out there, it makes an effort. However with an episode like "Pound of Flesh" it really makes me wonder how long will this show last? That said, here's what happened this week. Anna continues with her efforts to gain the trust of humanity by starting a program that lets a selected few humans experience life on the V ships around the world. To start the program, Anna is set to broadcast a message to world. Hobbs sees this as an opportunity. His plan is to hijack Anna's signal and use it to send out a message to the "phantom" fifth column who is scattered throughout the world to come out of hiding and unite to expose the V's for who they really are (not the friends they claim to be). The only problem is that it would require somebody to actually go on the mother ship and do this. I was expecting some fancy computer hacking but I guess this was more exciting (not really). Val's pregnancy is also accelerating and she's in need of phosphorous, something that all pregnant V mothers need and the only place it can be found in the form required is on the V mother ship. Ryan is the obvious choice here, and while on the ship he's cornered by the V doctor who running tests to find Vs who are immune to Anna's "bliss". Fortunately for Ryan, he's a fifth column supporter and helps Ryan plant the message and also make his gateway. Unfortunately Ryan takes longer then originally planned making the others nervous, including Georgie who with Hobbs encouragement decides to go up and help Ryan, and in doing so get captured.

    The message is successfully delivered and the team is happy albeit a little sad that they have lost Georgie who honestly the show had little use of now that resistance was in place, and while he could have easily escaped with Ryan, I think its good riddance of a character that had nothing left to do but be a tracker. Honestly how hard is it to track a man when you know is a priest, and what church he belongs to?

    Smaller plots include Father Jack warning Chad to be careful of what he endorses on TV without exactly telling him why. I mean what is the point of warning somebody to be careful when you don't tell them what to be careful off?

    Erica convinced that Tyler will be one the humans selected to stay on the mother shop takes him to his Father, the one person he loves more then the V's who then proceeds to tell him that its not Tyler's fault he split with his mother, blah blah blah. Unfortunately for Erica Tyler's V girlfriend tracks him down, because she missed him. I wish had a girlfriend like that. So yeah, that's about it, no cliff hangers, no wow moments, just "yeah I could have told you that" story lines.