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Season 2 Episode 1

Red Rain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2011 on ABC
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Episode Summary

In the aftermath of the events of "Red Sky", Erica goes looking for a scientist who can tell her what the red sky is and learns the horrifying truth about the V's true intentions, On the mothership, Ryan is kept in isolation so Anna can experiment on his new born hybrid baby. After being used by Anna, Chad decides to join the fifth column.moreless

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  • A great return.

    This really was a great premire for V, there was more action and chracter interaction in this episode then there was for nearly all of season 1 which hopefully is a sign of great things to come, This eposode mostly focused around the after math of Red sky with people becoming angry at the V's and more and more people protesting agines them which i though was exciting as it showed that v was evoling and that people no longer believed in anna's peace, i also liked Erica's personal story discovering that the v's may have of experiented on her when she was pregnant i also enjoyed lisa's personal dilemma as she begin to see hoe evil her mother really is, but once agian the best part about v and this episode was Anna and she was as evil as ever in this episode killing that v with her lizard tail was super cool i hope we see more of that in weeks to come. However Red rain wasnt all good i felt the end of the episode with anna taking away red sky and telling everyone she did it to save the plant was abit of an anti climax , i just hope that protest agianest the v's continue and the momentum the show has got going dosnt fizzling back down V is improving and lets hope it continues.

    P.S Kick ass ending cannot wait until next week !!!!moreless
  • The series climbs up a notch and brings us closer to the grand scheme of things.

    What started out as an exposition in the very short season one, culminates in the beginning of this season (apparently the same case this time in length, which brings me to think about production values), where the plot seems to actually move forward with the resistance growing and more alien sightings. I admit that seeing first season's birth of the alien hybrid was kind of downer, since the mini-series of the 80's in that term was spookier. Here you only catch a glympse of a tail (pretty destructive tail, as seen in season two opener).

    As news about the red skies began to spread, I expected to see growth in terms of worldwide resistance riots, much like the original miniseries, yet this time it was brief. Hope the remainder of this series will prove worth watching.

    And finally, IMO, what will surely make a classic moment in sci-fi history is the final scene with the (re)introduction of Diana. It was just epic, musically and atmospherically.moreless
  • Is the damage already done?

    I wasn't particularly impressed with the first season of "V", considering that it was a mish-mash of bland concepts and cardboard characters, tossed around through seemingly random plot elements by an ever-revolving Rolodex of showrunners. The end result was a show that didn't seem to have a point, let alone a consistent narrative thread. If anything, I was shocked to find that I still had enough interest to watch the second season, given how haphazard the first season was, between the shifting directions of the story and the bizarre decisions of the network.

    The network games haven't stopped; the total number of episodes has already been reduced. But that aside, it really comes down to the consistency of the writing. With a showrunner now firmly in place, one would hope that the story will slide into a direction that makes sense. And along the way, it wouldn't hurt if the characters were made more interesting.

    I'm not sure the premiere served either purpose. Red Sky leads to "red rain", which turns out to be a means of preparing the human race for inter-breeding with the Visitors. Fair enough, I suppose, but has there been any indication that breeding among Visitors is at all problematic? Anna was certainly able to breed her thousands of little soldiers, and she was rather casual with the lives of the survivors. I wouldn't think that would be the actions of the leader of a dying people.

    The alternative is that breeding with humans must be part of something more than simple survival, which is the only hook that I would find interesting at this point. Because that would, at least, make the Visitor side of the equation more intriguing. I still find the Resistance to be rather boring, so hopefully the next episode will make some headway in that direction.

    In the end, the problem wasn't so much this episode, as the need to reconcile all the details up to this point. I'm not sure it all adds up. Then again, with so many other genre shows being lost this season, I suppose I can give "V" and this season's creative team the benefit of the doubt.moreless
  • Questions,Answers, More Questions, New Fifth Columnists and DIANA.

    Not surprisingly the main focal point of the episode was the Red Sky that Anna unleashed at the end of Season 1, What was its purpose and why weren't the V's talking to humans anymore? We got answers from Anna and from the latest member of The Fifth Column who discerned the Red Sky's true purpose was to make it possible for V's to have offspring with humans, This revelation led Erica to remember something from the time she was pregnant with Tyler that makes it seem at least that Tyler is part V which was alluded to during the pre-season publicity and I'm looking forward to seeing how that unfolds over the next 9 weeks. The introduction of Dr Sidney Miller portrayed by Bret Harrison was a rather refreshing and long overdue addition, Since the start the 1 person The Fifth Column didn't have working with them was a modern version of Dr. Julie Bishop because let's face it if they're going to have any chance of killing some aliens to the point of defeating them they will need some scientific help. Dr Miller seems to be the perfect addition to the team and I hope he sticks around, On that note I love the Column's new recruitment policy – Join Us or We Kill You…Maybe!! We also got answers about the fate of Joshua who was revived after being killed in the Season 1 finale, I'm assuming I wasn't the only one who wondered why he was back – Was Marcus really 5th Column and helping his leader or was he acting on Anna's orders and if so did they know he was a Columnist? Marcus didn't revive him to be nice but apparently they won't get answers from him either and it'll be interesting to see how the Fifth Column adapts to waging a war without his inside information to rely on.

    Lisa seems destined for a bigger role this season in the space of two or three scenes she went from confused yet rebellious Fifth Column member to being an active member of the group stealing Intel and passing it on to Erica then to being a simple prostitute at the behest of her own mother (I don't know what is creepier the fact that Anna ordered her to have sex with Tyler or that she watched the whole thing on CCTV). Overall I was impressed with Laura's acting in this episode more so than all last season and it should be good to watch how far she is willing to go for both her mother and The Fifth Column.

    Chad Decker finally seems to have come around to the right way of thinking and his character too seems destined for bigger things this season as he attempts to balance being a Fifth Column member with being Anna's loyal obedient stooge, His discussions with Father Jack seemed to indicate he was a changed man seeking redemption I guess only time will tell if he is sincere or not. I was surprised to see Jack still wearing his priest outfit this season, I had been under the impression that he'd been sacked after his impassioned anti-V speech that ended with the legendary "Let V stand for Victory" statement. Should be interesting to see how far he too is willing to go while staying true to his religious background and career.

    One other thing that was answered was the issue of Ryan and Val's hybrid baby, From what I seen it didn't look to hybrid to me it looked pretty lizard but maybe that will change, I couldn't figure out why Anna would let him off the ship knowing that he is a vital member of The Fifth Column however her statement to Marcus did make sense, She can't beat them on her own so why not use a Trojan horse, Presumably she'll try to have him turn on them in exchange for his daughter but hopefully he doesn't fall for it because Anna doesn't strike me as the type who'd hold up her end of the bargain though thankfully there is Hobbes who will no doubt be keeping a very close eye on him but then again with his own secret connection to Marcus can he really be trusted?

    Perhaps the only disappointing part of the episode was Diana or the lack thereof like many I'd anxiously awaited her return to V and was looking forward to seeing her do more than step out of a cocoon though on the plus side at least her dress\robe thing was closer to the original orange colour we all know and love, Next week seems to be a Diana-centric episode so I'm really looking forward to that. Having said that though it was great to see Jane Badler again and I hope Diana has some plans brewing for revenge that we'll get to see unfold. Would liked to have seen more of Joshua and I hope his amnesia is faked or temporary so he can get back to helping the Column.

    The writing and acting all around this week seems to be indicative of a show wide overhaul that will lead to more exciting storylines and a longer lasting show and now that the Fifth Column is getting more aggressive in its recruiting it'll hopefully get more aggressive in its actions forcing the inevitable war which can only mean good things for us viewers.

    Welcome back to the screen V and heres hoping you live a long thrilling life.moreless
  • Great Return, surprise ending that leaves GREAT anticipation

    Through mid season 1, I kinda lost interest in the show. But it peaked my interest again at the end and I got myself caught up by watching episodes online. So I anxiously waited for season two to start. Finally we are here and there appears to be a lot to look forward to. I was not prepared for what happened at the end. But the second I saw those red heels come out, the hair and her come out of whatever that was, I instantly recognized Jane Badler, who looks like she's had some work done. But it left one question. Will Marc Singer be coming back as well? And after some searching online, sure enough, he will be playing Lars Tremont who is some member of a top secret group comprised of high ranking military & government people, prepared for a Visitor attack. This season has my full attention and I am anxiously awaiting the rest of it. It basically replaces 24 on my list. :)moreless
Peter Ciuffa

Peter Ciuffa

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Kevin Kazakoff

Kevin Kazakoff

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Jackie Blackmore

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Jane Badler

Jane Badler


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Bret Harrison

Bret Harrison

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Roark Critchlow

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the last scene Diana is introduced. Diana is one of the main characters of the 1983 "V: The Final Battle" TV series and was also played by Jane Badler.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Marcus: They'll live... but they will be flawed.
      Anna: These soldiers, my children, caused my prior outburst of emotion... Never again.

    • Erica: Red sky is not Anna's latest gift. It is her latest weapon. And we do need you. We need your help to figure out the truth.
      Sidney: Look, I'm not a soldier.
      Erica: I know.
      Hobbes: We don't need your fists. We need your brain. And if you say no, we'll kill you. (smirks) Ah, relax. I'm kidding. Maybe.
      Ryan: Like it or not, you're one of us now.

    • Ryan: You've done nothing but run tests on me. Who knows what you're doing to her?
      Anna: I'm just trying to discover how your daughter... a miracle, the first hybrid baby between human and V... was born.
      Ryan: She was born out of something you will never understand... love.

    • Sidney: Anna's a lizard? That sucks. She's so hot.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Charles Mesure (Kyle Hobbes) becomes a series regular with this episode whereas Lourdes Benedicto (Valerie Stevens) is removed from the opening credits.

    • The message on Paul Kendrick's smartphone reads:

      Join the fight.
      Red sky was the beginning of the end

    • Jane Badler's Diana is not the same as the 1980's mini-series, the name is a mere homage to the original series. Badler had to audition to get the role, and was not given the role of Diana just due to her connection to the original series.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: January 4, 2011 on A
      Australia: January 19, 2011 on GO!
      United Kingdom: March 24, 2011 on Syfy/Syfy HD
      Poland: May 24, 2011 on TVN
      Czech Republic: October 8, 2012 on FANDA