Season 2 Episode 1

Red Rain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2011 on ABC

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  • 8 Months later and this is what we get.

    Like everyone waiting in anticipation to see the return of V, I was excited last night because 8 months of not having my favorite show on air killed me. The only parts that I enjoyed the most were the scenes with Anna. she elevated her game while the other characters fell flat in my opinion. Anna rearranged one of her Captain's face to prove a point, played the humans again, pimped out her daughter and then had a tender moment with one of the survivors from the bombing that caused her outburst of emotion. Morena should be very proud of her-self; this episode she really carried the load on this one. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the the resistance. They seemed all over the place. Ryan went from sad to ready to fight at the flip of a switch, and I could not be drawn in with their story line. However, Sid was a welcome of comic relief for the show and I hope he is able to stick around a bit. The scenes with Chad Decker almost put me to sleep I was so bored by it. But it is good to know that Jack is much more likable this season. He picked up his character this season as well. Lisa hates her mother, and does a good job hiding it from her for the most part. But she nearly throws all of that away when she goes to speak to Joshua. He has changed significantly since the last time we saw him. I will leave it at that. Overall the dialog was flat and everybody fell back into what they were doing at the end of last season the resistance running around trying to find people, and Anna being ambiguous about her plans. I did notice that the CGI tightened up a bit, and I cannot say enough how surprised I was by Morena's performance. As a parting gift for next week, the closing scenes were Anna crying for killing her last reaming soldiers/children and her going into this deep dark creepy place in the bottom of the ship.Then (the worst kept secret) Jane Badler appears and the last words is Anna saying "Hello Mother." V finished with 6.5 million, and a 2.1 demo enough to win ABC that night but finished 3rd overall. I love V I really do It has so much potential that it isn't even funny, but I feel like this is going to be its last season because it just cannot get the ratings and the story is too unbelievable at times.
    it gets a 9 from me as a nod to Morena's performance, and my love for the show. other wise overall an 8/10
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