Season 2 Episode 1

Red Rain

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 04, 2011 on ABC

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  • Questions,Answers, More Questions, New Fifth Columnists and DIANA.

    Not surprisingly the main focal point of the episode was the Red Sky that Anna unleashed at the end of Season 1, What was its purpose and why weren't the V's talking to humans anymore? We got answers from Anna and from the latest member of The Fifth Column who discerned the Red Sky's true purpose was to make it possible for V's to have offspring with humans, This revelation led Erica to remember something from the time she was pregnant with Tyler that makes it seem at least that Tyler is part V which was alluded to during the pre-season publicity and I'm looking forward to seeing how that unfolds over the next 9 weeks. The introduction of Dr Sidney Miller portrayed by Bret Harrison was a rather refreshing and long overdue addition, Since the start the 1 person The Fifth Column didn't have working with them was a modern version of Dr. Julie Bishop because let's face it if they're going to have any chance of killing some aliens to the point of defeating them they will need some scientific help. Dr Miller seems to be the perfect addition to the team and I hope he sticks around, On that note I love the Column's new recruitment policy – Join Us or We Kill You…Maybe!! We also got answers about the fate of Joshua who was revived after being killed in the Season 1 finale, I'm assuming I wasn't the only one who wondered why he was back – Was Marcus really 5th Column and helping his leader or was he acting on Anna's orders and if so did they know he was a Columnist? Marcus didn't revive him to be nice but apparently they won't get answers from him either and it'll be interesting to see how the Fifth Column adapts to waging a war without his inside information to rely on.
    Lisa seems destined for a bigger role this season in the space of two or three scenes she went from confused yet rebellious Fifth Column member to being an active member of the group stealing Intel and passing it on to Erica then to being a simple prostitute at the behest of her own mother (I don't know what is creepier the fact that Anna ordered her to have sex with Tyler or that she watched the whole thing on CCTV). Overall I was impressed with Laura's acting in this episode more so than all last season and it should be good to watch how far she is willing to go for both her mother and The Fifth Column.
    Chad Decker finally seems to have come around to the right way of thinking and his character too seems destined for bigger things this season as he attempts to balance being a Fifth Column member with being Anna's loyal obedient stooge, His discussions with Father Jack seemed to indicate he was a changed man seeking redemption I guess only time will tell if he is sincere or not. I was surprised to see Jack still wearing his priest outfit this season, I had been under the impression that he'd been sacked after his impassioned anti-V speech that ended with the legendary "Let V stand for Victory" statement. Should be interesting to see how far he too is willing to go while staying true to his religious background and career.
    One other thing that was answered was the issue of Ryan and Val's hybrid baby, From what I seen it didn't look to hybrid to me it looked pretty lizard but maybe that will change, I couldn't figure out why Anna would let him off the ship knowing that he is a vital member of The Fifth Column however her statement to Marcus did make sense, She can't beat them on her own so why not use a Trojan horse, Presumably she'll try to have him turn on them in exchange for his daughter but hopefully he doesn't fall for it because Anna doesn't strike me as the type who'd hold up her end of the bargain though thankfully there is Hobbes who will no doubt be keeping a very close eye on him but then again with his own secret connection to Marcus can he really be trusted?
    Perhaps the only disappointing part of the episode was Diana or the lack thereof like many I'd anxiously awaited her return to V and was looking forward to seeing her do more than step out of a cocoon though on the plus side at least her dress\robe thing was closer to the original orange colour we all know and love, Next week seems to be a Diana-centric episode so I'm really looking forward to that. Having said that though it was great to see Jane Badler again and I hope Diana has some plans brewing for revenge that we'll get to see unfold. Would liked to have seen more of Joshua and I hope his amnesia is faked or temporary so he can get back to helping the Column.
    The writing and acting all around this week seems to be indicative of a show wide overhaul that will lead to more exciting storylines and a longer lasting show and now that the Fifth Column is getting more aggressive in its recruiting it'll hopefully get more aggressive in its actions forcing the inevitable war which can only mean good things for us viewers.

    Welcome back to the screen V and heres hoping you live a long thrilling life.